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The Humble Coriander Is Good For Your Health

The Humble Coriander Is Good For Your Health
February20/ 2018

Coriander is one of the famous spices in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Humble coriander leaves are commonly present at every home on Indian family.

Like many others spices, coriander, especially its leaves, has amazing benefits for our health. Coriander leaves are one of the important herbs that bring significant benefits for our body.

Health benefits of humble coriander are numerous

  • Its green color makes it more attractive and appealing to eat.
  • It has a unique taste.
  • They also tend to be underappreciated because of their availability and low cost.
  • This could be your doctor, a naturopath, an Ayurvedic practitioner, or an herbalist.
  • They use coriander for making chutneys, garnishing, or in parathas.

But don’t give these factors a chance to trick you. The green leaf is a powerhouse of goodness and is greatly useful for your all holistic health.

Before you begin taking coriander or without a doubt any food for its medical advantages, you should counsel with a qualified healthcare professional, particularly if you are suffering from a disease.

Nonetheless, for the time being here are some of the most widely known health benefits of coriander that have been inquired about and are upheld by science.

The humble coriander is full of health benefits also that many people are unaware of.

When we discuss coriander leaves we usually use it for making green chutney as an accompaniment for enhancing the taste of the food.

So next time you treat the green leaf as only a simple garnish that should be done away with, remember all the goodies you’re missing out on as this herb has 11 components of essential oils and six types of acids, including ascorbic acid.

Beautify Our Skin:

Coriander has anti-bacterial properties. It is also an effective antiseptic and a disinfectant. It has amazing anti-fungal and detoxifying properties that make it an effective natural medicine for the treatment of dry skin, mouth ulcers, eczema and other skin disorders.

Healing Mouth Ulcer:

Citronellol in coriander leaves acts as a good antiseptic.  They are effective for curing mouth ulcers. Coriander leaves make healing process faster and make our breath fresher.

Even though it is not mainstream, coriander leaves are used as toothpaste natural component. Far before toothpaste is found, coriander seed is used for reducing bad breath.

Menstrual Disruption:

Coriander leaves are a natural stimulant and manage the secretion of the endocrine gland. This will bring hormonal impact that manages precise menstrual cycle and reduces the pain during menstruation.

Vision disorders:

Too old to wear the good-old spectacles?

This green herb can reverse the effects of vision degradation in aging patients since they contain beta-carotene and antioxidants, they are good for increasing our vision ability because of macular degeneration and cataract.

Solving Digestive Problem:

Benefits of Coriander leaves are an herbal plant that produces the more digestive enzyme.

Therefore, they solve bloated and another digestive problem. Coriander leaves are also useful for preventing nausea and vomit.

It keeps the sleep cycle normal:

Coriander has sedative properties so it helps to regulate the sleep cycle.


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