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Know these Side Effects before Consuming Triphala

Know these side effects before consuming Triphala
HWC Team
May26/ 2016

Triphala Churna is an Ayurvedic herbal mixture which has been used to cure a lot of problems associated with human health. This powdered mixture has been proven as beneficial for health but also triggers a lot of side effects in the body if not used in a proper way. Before beginning to use any ayurvedic medicine, you should be aware of its side effects and below given are some of the side effects of consuming Triphala

  • It is not safe to use during pregnancy. Ayurvedic physicians refrain from prescribing this medicine to pregnant women because it is known to stimulate peristalsis, which is harmful for a pregnant woman. It has also proved to show toxic effects on the baby and can also induce miscarriage.
  • It can cause diarrhea. Triphala is a powerful cleansing agent and it stimulates the intestinal walls, thus acting as a powerful laxative. This is beneficial for people who suffer from chronic constipation but at the same time, it can have a deeper effect on people, especially if they have a sensitive intestinal lining.
  • It can cause dehydration. Excessive dosage of triphala can cause dehydration because an increased usage causes the body to get deprived of the higher level of water and if this goes on to a deeper extent, there can also be an emergency situation.
  • Triphala consumption can also cause upset stomach. People claim to experience pressure and bloating, especially in the lower abdominal region after they consume Triphala. Though this does not seem to be a grave issue, the pain causes a problem in conducting day to day activities.
  • People have reported experiencing disrupted sleep and insomnia after consuming Triphala. This happens at the initial stage of consuming this mixture and the condition will slowly go away once the body gets used to the medicine. You can try having Triphala in the morning with empty stomach instead of night in order to tackle this side effect.
  • It can increase blood sugar level. There are studies which show that the Indian Gooseberry which is present in this mixture can cause the elevation of blood sugar level. If you feel symptoms of increase in blood sugar level, consult the physician who has prescribed this medicine to you and stay away from consuming it if you are already a diabetic.
  • It can cause unwanted weight loss. The consumption of Triphala can lead to an increased rate of weight loss while on this medication, and the probable reason for this might be frequent passing of stools. Also, its colon cleansing effect eliminates the toxins present in the body which causes loss of excessive fat. If you are overweight, you might not consider this as a side effect but if you have average weight, you should look for a solution to this side effect.
  • It can cause allergic reactions in the body because there are chances that you might be allergic to one of the ingredients of this mixture.

HWC Team

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