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Omega 3 Supplement Guide: What to Buy and Why

omega 3 supplement guide
HWC Team
February09/ 2016

Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important for the health.  Not only do they help in the prevention of many conditions but also boost the overall health. There are many ways to get this important nutrient directly through diet but it is also a good idea to consume supplements which provide you with a bulk of this nutrient and hence lend the many benefits.

Before taking up any supplements it is important to know everything about them and below given omega 3 supplement guide will surely prove to be of great help to you.

Omega 3 Supplements

Fish Oil Supplements

One of the important source of omega 3 is fish oil which can be consumed in the form of fish oil supplements. In most conventional fish oils, omega 3 is present as triglycerides. This oil is obtained from the tissue of oily fish and has many other important nutrients as well and some of them include Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Some of the best and most common fish oil sources are sardines, salmon and cod liver but only its supplements can truly provide you with daily requirement of omega 3s.

Processed Fish Oil Capsules

When the fish oils are processed they either purify or concentrate them and become ethyl esters which are not found in nature. Thus processed fish oil too are amazing sources of omega 3 fatty acids. The supplements of processed fish oil can be bought in the form of capsules.

Reformed Triglycerides Supplements

The ethyl esters in processed fish oils can be converted back to triglycerides and after this they are termed as reformed triglycerides and these are available as capsules.

Krill Oil Supplements

This oil is extracted from Antarctica krill which is a small shrimp like animal. This oil contains a lot of omega 3s in both triglycerides and phospholipid form. This oil is highly resistant to oxidation because it contains potent antioxidants called astaxanthin naturally.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Supplements

This fish is a native to New Zealand and its oil comes in the form of triglycerides and free fatty acids. Besides DHA and EPA, it also consists of eicosatetraenoic acid.  This oil is also considered to be environment friendly and is recommended for those who wish to add more omegas 3 to their diet and body.

Mammalian Oil Supplements

Mammalian omega 3 is made from seal blubber and is found in the form of natural triglycerides. Besides DHA and EPA, this oil is also loaded with docasapetaenoic acid which is a rare omega 3 fatty acid which offers many health benefits.

ALA Oil Supplements

Alpha linolenic acid or ALA is a plant form of omega 3 which is found in many foods like flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Since ALA is not active in the human body, it needs to be converted into EPA and DHA to become useful.

Algal Oil Supplements

Marine algae is another brilliant omega 3 fatty acid source which is a source of EPA and DHA. It too can be consumed as an omega 3 fatty acid rich food.

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