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Parsley Gives Great Health Benefits

parsley gives great health benefits
HWC Team
May09/ 2016

Parsley is well known all over the world for its vibrant taste and for its role as a green table garnish. Parsley can be called the world’s most popular edible herb. Its role as a wonderful healer is also known by many. It is a biennial plant that mostly grows up again and again once put in the ground. There are two types of popular parsleys, the Italian flat leaf Parsley and the curly Parsley.

Another type of Parsley is the Turnip-rooted Hamburg Parsley, which is cultivated for its root. Parsley’s Latin name is Petroselinum Crispum and belongs to the Umbelliferae family. Parsley is used to garnish many types of recipes including salads, vegetable sautés and fish recipes etc. Here are a few important points to note about Parsley.

Packed With Nutrients

In about a half cup of Parsley, you will get Vitamin K 5%, Vitamin C 54%, Vitamin A 14%, Folate 12%, Iron 10%, Copper 6%, Potassium 5%, Magnesium 4%, Fiber $%, Calcium 4%, Manganese 3%, Phosphorous 3%, Zinc 3%, Vitamin B3 3%, and Vitamin B1 3%. This shows that Parsley is packed with healthy nutritive value. Parsley has two types of unusual components which give health benefits. These are volatile oil components and Flavonoids.

Keeps the Heart Healthy

Parsley is a rich source of folic acid, which is an important component of Vitamin B. Besides playing many other roles in the body, an important role played by folic acid is in maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system of the body. Folic acid helps in converting homocysteine into benign molecules. Folic acid has the potential to fight the homocysteine molecules which can cause damage to the blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Therefore Parsley can help in maintaining health of an individual as it also helps in proper cell division and therefore helps in preventing cancer too.

Source of Antioxidants

Flavonoids like luteolin found in parsley, combine with the oxygen containing molecules, which are highly reactive and help in preventing damage to the cell on account of lack of oxygen.

Protection from Arthritis

Intake of food rich in Vitamin C helps in preventing inflammatory poly arthritis, in which two or more joints get affected. Deficiency of Vitamin C makes a human more prone to get arthritis than a person who consumes enough Vitamin C. Beta carotene is also found in parsley which also has anti inflammatory properties.

Anti Diabetic Property

Parsley was used in Turkey since ages as a medicine for Diabetes. Research was done to validate the theory scientifically. Blood sugar level fell down in rats which were given Parsley over a period of a month. The research proved that Parsley can be used as a diabetes controlling agent.

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

Tea made of Parsley has the capability to relax stiff muscles after workouts as it has anti inflammatory properties and it also improves digestion.

Thus Parsley, the common dish garnishing herb has proved its worth for more than centuries and has far more health benefits than one can imagine. Daily intake of Parsley can keep you fit and fine.

HWC Team

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