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The Reasons why you should Worry about your Bad Breath

the reasons why you should worry about your bad breath
HWC Team
October29/ 2015

Bad breath is something that puts everyone off. Medically termed as halitosis, bad breath is a consequence of poor dental health habits or chronic health problems. Bad breath trouble can be worsened by the wrong choice of food or other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Considered to be an ominous sign health wise; many serious diseases can also be prevented if you check this symptom in proper time. Here is a list of some diseases that have direct link to smelly mouth; know about them and take the right precaution at the right time –

Beware of Bad Breath and Diseases

The bad news is bad breath often implies presence of diseases in your body and the good news is that most of these diseases can be treated. But, it is very important that you do not ignore the problem of  bad breath, or else your health might deteriorate steadily. Below given is a list of the diseases that are signified by bad breath among other symptoms.

Gum Diseases

First and foremost, an obvious answer- gum diseases cause bad breath. Diseases like gingivitis and peridontis among other diseases lead to bad breath. In gum diseases, there are bacteria residing in your mouth that lead to foul smell in the mouth.


Diabetes can also lead to foul smelling breath. The diabetic suffers from less insulin production in the body than that is deemed essential.  As a result the body burns the fat and as a result there is an increased production of ketones. The presence of this leads to a bad breath.

Liver Disorders

If a person is suffering from liver diseases they also have bad breath. This condition is known as fetor hepaticus. Often liver diseases in people are preceded by bad breath. Therefore if you have bad breath and you do not know why, you should get your liver checked.


A lot of people who suffer from allergies are also known to be suffering from foul smelly breath. When you use nose drops for your nasal allergies, along with presence of mucus leads to the growth of germs that are responsible for the bad breath. Another problem that you might suffer due to the allergy is the dry mouth syndrome. This also leads to very bad mouth odor.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Chronic acid reflux is another very common reason for having bad breath. When you know you are suffering from chronic acid reflux, make sure that you take good care of your mouth. Keep it clean as much as possible to avoid the foul breath.

Mouth Cancer

This is probably the most serious problem that can be associated with bad breath- mouth cancer. When a person is suffering from mouth cancer, their breath will smell foul, and even stomach cancer patients are known to have bad breath. However, that does not mean that whoever has bad breath is suffering from mouth cancer. As for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it might be noted that this results into dry mouth and eventually, bad breath.

Apart from these diseases there are a number of other conditions that can be the reason of a foul smelling mouth. Hence it is prudent to visit the doctor if you have a consistent period with bad breath.

HWC Team

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