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7 Reasons Why you Should have Walnuts Everyday

7 reasons why you should have walnuts everyday
HWC Team
December29/ 2015

Walnuts, just like cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, fall under the nut family. Apart from being tasty snacks, walnuts have abundant nutritional value. Only one quarter cup of walnuts provides more than 100 % daily required plant-based omega-3 fats. It is rich in biotin, copper, molybdenum, manganese, and biotin. The latest researches have induced that walnuts provide you with host of health benefits and below given is the list of the major ones:

1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Daily intake of walnuts help you to prevent prostate cancer and also breast cancer – thus it is equally beneficial for men and women. A generous walnut diet can reduce prostate cancer growth by 30 to 40 % and cut down the chances of breast cancer almost by half.

2. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Rich in amino acid l-arginine, walnut offers multiple vascular benefits and keeps away a host of heart diseases, especially in case of those who have already faced multiple cardiac arrests. However, if you have the trouble of herpes, it is better to eat fewer walnuts, as high levels of arginine will reduce levels of amino acid lysine, which triggers herpes recurrences. Walnuts play a major role in limiting the possibilities of blood clot formation, due to its plant-based omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This has anti-inflammatory effects and thus effectively prevents fatal heart attack. Studies have confirmed that eating only 4 walnuts each day can build up healthful cholesterol levels.

3. Powerful Antioxidants

Your need for antioxidants is essential as they help you to combat with free radicals as you age. Your heart also ages with years and the regular diet you eat usually do not have enough powerful antioxidants; walnuts provide you with quinone juglone, flavonol morin and the tannin tellimagrandin. Researchers have also said that walnut polyphenols helps to keep away chemically-induced liver damage problems. It has the highest lipoprotein-bound antioxidant activity that stops the oxidative processes leading to atherosclerosis. Walnuts also improve the lipid profile, increase the functioning of endothelial and reduce inflammation. You get all these advantages without any fear of weight gain.

4. Controls Weight Effectively

If you are frustrated eating a fad diet to lose weight, you can just stop and take resort to nuts. Especially, walnuts can help you to maintain your ideal weight in long run. In most of the case studies it was seen that when people included extra walnuts substituted for other foods, they lost about 1.4 extra pounds and around half an inch at the waistline. Walnuts keep you full for a longer period of time and thus your apetitte is controlled.

5. Enhances Functioning of Men Reproductive Organs

Walnuts affect male fertility to a great extent; it is rarely known truth! Studies have been conducted where, men consumed 75 grams of walnuts daily; and the results were improved sperm quality, motility, vitality, and morphology.

6. Promotes Brain Health

Abundant in neuroprotective compounds, like folate, vitamin E, melatonin, antioxidants and omega-3 fats; walnuts improves brain health. It results in better inferential reasoning both in young children and adults. This is also a reason why walnuts are often referred as “brain nuts” (somewhat linked to its appearance as well).

7. Controls Diabetes

Walnuts have beneficial dietary fat that efficiently improves metabolic parameters, especially in people having type 2 diabetes. People who are overweight and also have type 2 diabetes are recommended by dieticians to eat one-quarter cup of walnuts daily to reduce insulin levels.

Walnuts are extremely nutritious nuts and should be in your diet essentially to combat more than one disease. Many health experts have also said that these nuts decrease the chances of oxidative stress and thus delay the symptoms of aging. It helps in increasing life span and vitality.

HWC Team

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