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Surprising Health Benefits of Basil

surprising health benefits of basil
HWC Team
February23/ 2016

Basil is commonly known as Tulsi in India; it is a leafy herb, which belongs to the mint family. Different types of Basil are available and the most common ones are with the purple and the green leaves. Some of the other varieties of Basil are Opal Basil, Anise Basil, Lemon Basil, Clove Basil and Cinnamon Basil.

This plant plays a vital role in Indian culture, starting from a religious note till the immense health benefits it offers – the plant is revered and found in almost all Indian homes. In Hindu households tulsi plant is worshipped both in the morning and evening; it has been an active ingredient in majority of the Ayurvedic medicines since ages –

Top 8 Health Benefits of Basil

Holy Basil is used in the treatment of gastric, respiratory, hepatic and inflammatory disorders as well as for headache, anxiety, fever, nausea and hypertension. This miraculous herb was considered as an herbal remedy for many ailments and boasts countless health benefits. Some of the health benefits of Basil are listed below:

Makes your Skin Healthier and Increases Hair Volume

Basil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It removes toxins and purifies blood. It also prevents burst of pimples and acne. The crushed Basil can be combined with rose water, neem paste or sandalwood paste and applied to the face which reduces the inflammation. Mix basil paste with your hair oil and apply to the scalp. It reduces the itchiness and promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.

Healing Properties

It has excellent healing properties and it strengthens the stomach and facilitates copious perspiration. Basil leaves are effective in removing catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. It helps in reducing the pain caused by chicken pox, wounds, cuts and small pox.

Helps to Cure the Common Cold

Basil leaves are effective in reducing coughing and cold. Chewing fresh Basil leaves or drinking tea of dried Basil leaves can give relief from cough, cold and flu.

Relief from Vomiting

Are you suffering from frequent vomiting? Then try the mixture of basil leaf juice, ginger juice and honey for immediate relief.

Reduces Stress and Sharpens the Mind

Basil leaves are considered as anti-stress agent. Chewing daily 10-12 Basil leaves twice a day helps to reduce stress. It purifies the blood, prevents the stress and develops a sharp mind. Basil contains compounds like Eugenol and Caryophyllene which helps to enhance the mood and spirit.

Eliminates Kidney Stones

Basil leaves are regarded as the best tonic for kidneys and it is an effective remedy for various kidney problems. It helps to induce stone expulsion from the urinary tract.

Ear Infections and Improves Eyesight

Basil leaves are used to treat minor ear infections and give relief from pain. Basil is rich in Vitamin A and it is essential vitamin for proper eyesight. A few drops of Basil juice can help clear the eye sores.

Prevents Certain Types of Cancers

According to the research basil leaves can repair cells damaged by oxidation and radiation. It has a potential to destroy pre-cancerous lesions and tumors. Having the mixture of 10 grams of basil leaves juice and 2-3 spoons of honey religiously can prevent the malignancy of cancers to some extent.

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