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The Most Amazing Home Remedies for Foot Pain

the most amazing home remedies for foot pain
HWC Team
February15/ 2016

Foot pain is something that all of us must have experienced several times in life.  It is a common ailment which affects people of all age groups especially the older people. Foot pain can occur anywhere in the feet including toes, sole, heel and ankle etc.

The pain can be caused due to many reasons including old age, wearing shoes which are not comfortable, excessive walking, fracture and even some kind of a mineral deficiency.  If you wish to find relief from foot pain you must follow only home remedies and some of them have been given as follows:

Hot and Cold Water

Hot and cold water therapy can be effective for treating foot pain at home.  This treatment will promote blood flow and cold treatment will help to reduce the inflammation. To do this therapy, you will need to fill one bucket with cold water and another with bearable hot water. Now sit in a chair and dip your feet in hot water for about three minutes and then repeat the process with cold water for at least 10 seconds or up to 1 minute.


Another amazing home remedy that you can try to cure foot pain is using vinegar. Vinegar not only reduces inflammation of the foot but also treats foot pain caused due to sprains and strains.  Fill a tub with hot water and add about 2 tbsp of vinegar into it.  Mix some salt and soak your feet in this for about 20 minutes.  Doing this will provide immediate relief but if it does not work completely, follow the process twice a day for a few days.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt too can soothe your feet and provides an instant relief from foot pain. You can combine heat with Epsom salt to relax and ease the pain.  Take a tub of hot water and add about 2-3 tablespoons of Epsom salt in it. Soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes twice a day for the best results.


Using ice can also prove to be a great way to reduce swelling and pain from the feet. Take a small plastic bag and put some crushed ice in it.  Massage this bag over the affected area for some minutes. You can also use an ice pack as it serves the same purpose.  Cold temperature tends to numb the nerve endings of the painful area and provide relief.

Clove Oil

Another brilliant home remedy that you can try to find relief from foot pain is using clove oil. This oil is useful for not just curing foot pain but also headaches, athlete’s foot, joint pain, nail fungus and foot pain.  It boosts circulation and relaxes the muscles. To use this oil, massage your feet and heels with the oil for a few minutes several times a day.  You can also mix it with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to do the massaging.

HWC Team

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