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Top 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoghurt

top 7 amazing health benefits of yoghurt
HWC Team
December04/ 2015

From bone health to digestion, yoghurt is one of the healthiest foods in the world.  Not only does it tastes good but also is easily available and goes with many dishes and recipes.  Yoghurt is a milk product which contains a lot of probiotics that are active and good bacteria that contribute in helping our digestive systems.

But besides this too there are many health benefits of yoghurts which everyone must know about. Yogurt must be added to your diet on a regular basis. The following are the top most amazing health benefits of yoghurt:

1. Yoghurt helps with Digestion

The main health benefit of yoghurt is that it is great for our digestive systems. Due to the presence of probiotics, it lets our digestive systems run smoothly and also prevents many digestive issues like constipation and gas.  On taking it regularly, one can also reduce the symptoms of IBS.

2. Yoghurt May Help with Osteoporosis

Yoghurt is loaded with calcium which is an essential nutrient for the body. Regular consumption of it can thus be beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis. This calcium helps to maintain the bone strength and density and is also good for the teeth. Moreover since yogurt also contains Vitamin D, the effect of calcium further increases.  It is thus important to take a calcium rich diet on a regular basis.

3. May Reduce Risk of High Blood Pressure

Another important health benefit of yoghurt is that it can help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure due to the presence of high dietary potassium.  It has been seen that those who have yoghurt on a regular basis tend to suffer less from the problem of high blood pressure as compared to others.

4. Can Help Ward off Vaginal Infections

Several women have found relief from vaginal infections through yoghurt.  Eating yoghurt on a regular basis can treat vaginal infections or thrush. It can help to restore the pH balance of the vagina and also the natural defenses in the vagina against the infection.

5. Yoghurt can Help One Feel Fuller and thus Aid Weight Loss

Another brilliant health benefit that yoghurt can offer is that it can help one feel fuller and by doing so, it may decrease the urge to eat more and hence help those who are trying to lose weight or maintain it.  The fact that yoghurt can be eaten in many forms further helps to consume it regularly.

6. Yoghurt may Help Lower Cholesterol

Yoghurt can also help to lower cholesterol level and this is another benefit that it offers.  This is why it can prove good for the heart health and may prevent heart conditions like stroke and others.

7. Can be Good for the Skin

Eating yoghurt on a regular basis can also be good for the skin due to the presence of calcium. It helps to reduce spots and marks on the skin such as white spots and helps to make the skin look clearer.

HWC Team

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