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Want to Stay Fit & Healthy? Try Feng Shui & See the Difference!

take feng shui way to be fit and healthy
HWC Team
July16/ 2015

Feng Shui is an age old technique which is followed by people  across the world and determines your health,  wealth, lifestyle and many other aspects of your life. One of the most important areas where Feng Shui can show its effect and results is health.

By following some simple principles of Feng Shui, any person can see positive changes in their health and that too in a very short duration of time. If you too are interested in being healthy with the help of Feng Shui, you can follow the given tips and suggestions:

Consider What you Breathe

The environment and outdoors have become very polluted and even the indoor air is not completely fresh and pure. What we breathe in greatly determines our health and hence we must be careful about what we breathe in.  The best way to purify your indoor air is to take help of air purifying plants. These plants can be found at any flower shop and one example of it is Areca Palm.

Make Use of Color and Light

Both natural light as well as color are important elements of nature and are very crucial as far as Feng Shui is concerned.  These elements are very important for the overall wellbeing and health of a person and thus it is important to remain in fresh colors and loads of natural light. Make sure you surround yourself each day with vibrant and bright colors and open the window shades to let light pour in.  Make your indoor space colorful through flowers, vibrant paint color and windows.

Clear the Junk

Another way to enhance your health through Feng Shui is to clear the junk.  Make sure you remove all kind of clutter or unnecessary waste from your home and office.  You must know that clean surroundings make you think better and can have a positive impact on your decisions and health.

Change your Sheets

Another simple Feng Shui tip to improve your health is to change your sheets regularly and use light color sheets like white, yellow or green.  The colors near you and especially those on your bed can have a strong impact on your health and may make you feel better.

Add Plants

Bring in fresh and healthy plants indoors, in your kitchen, bathroom and in the living room, etc.  Plants represent the wood element and help to enhance the health.  But you can’t just bring in any plants and remember to avoid cactus or spiky plants.  Choose rounded leaved plants as they are soothing and calming.  Nice and big leafy plants can help revive chi and fill stagnant corners.

Be Grounded

Another way according to Feng Shui to be healthy is to be grounded and embrace the ground elements. Bring in statues made of stone or clay or add pots etc. to increase the stability in life and feel healthier.

HWC Team

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