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Why is Water Awesome for you?

Why is Water Awesome for you
Dr. Ranjini
Dr. Ranjini
July31/ 2015

It’s often said, “No water, no life”! And it’s also a known fact that almost one third of our body is made of water. So, are you drinking that recommended eight glasses of water every day? If not, here are some more reasons to tell you why you should drink more water consciously and not just when you’re thirsty.

Energizes and Removes Fatigue

As mentioned before, our body is mostly made of water, almost 65%, so when you drink water it not only “replenishes” your brain but also boosts concentration levels and activity. To add on, it makes you feel energized by removing tiredness.As a result it makes you feel better and lifts up your mood.

Improves your Kidney Function

Drinking more water flushes out toxins, improves fat solubility and in turn keeps your kidneys working. It is recommended to drink enough water to produce clear, odorless urine each time you visit the restroom. If water intake is too low it can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Proved Weight Loss Technique

Water has zero calories. It not only curbs cravings and fills you up but also improves metabolism and promotes weight loss. By-products of fat are removed easily, leaving you lighter over time. Furthermore, anytime you swap water for that glass of cola or snack, it’s going to cut calories and make you lose weight on the long run.

Minimizes Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

Water helps in preventing the formation of clots by improving blood circulation. Clots can often cut off the blood supply to vital organs which can even result in death. Sufficient intake of water also reduces blood pressure by eliminating excess salt from the body and thus preventing other complications. 

Beauty Elixir

Cool clear water will not only calm your tresses on the exterior but also cleanse and add shine to your hair when taken internally. Bonus add-ons are younger, wrinkle free skin and healthier body.

Prevents Constipation

Water helps in the movement of fiber and prevents dehydration, which aids in digestion and bowel movement. It also helps the kidneys and liver to eliminate waste products easily.

Cures Aches and Pains

Often headaches are caused because of dehydration. And this can also trigger migraines. Drinking 2-4 cups of water on the onset of headaches often cures it or curbs it from getting worse. Water also lubricates body joints and minimizes its pain.

Reduces Some Cancer Risks

It is found that water intake reduces the risk of few cancers especially that of the colon and bladder.

We often blame water’s lack of taste, color & lifestyle factors to opt for alternatives. So the next time you’re having a craving or want to grab a soda, try and replace it with a glass of water, maybe even add a few slices of lemon to it. You will feel good and be healthy with all the added benefits that you just read about!

Dr. Ranjini
Dr. Ranjini

Dr.Ranjini is a Bangalore based health professional and MBA holder. She currently works as consultant for Xpedient Digital Media in the areas of market research, business development and healthcare marketing. Her experience includes working with pharmaceutical and media companies in India and USA.

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