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Wonderful Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

wonderful health benefits of sweet potato
HWC Team
January05/ 2016

Sweet potatoes are orange-fleshed unsurpassed source of Vitamin A or beta-carotene. Many studies have been conducted to show that sweet potatoes are highly beneficial to health, especially for people having deficiency of vitamin A. Every 3.5 ounces of sweet potatoes, have around 100-1,600 micrograms (RAE) of vitamin A, it caters to around 35% of all vitamin A requirement. These purple-fleshed sweet potatoes also have great antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

Undoubtedly, a powerful nutritional punch, they have loads of fibre and potassium. Often people mistake yams as sweet potatoes, but they are not botanically the same. Yams are drier and starchier than sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are available in two forms – soft and firm; both are usually available in supermarkets. Overall, sweet potatoes can keep you away from a host of health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases etc; here is a detailed picture of the health benefits –

Controls Diabetes

Sweet potatoes have lower glycemic index scale, thereby lowers the levels of blood sugar and insulin in people suffering from diabetes. The fibre in sweet potatoes is effective for people showing type 1 diabetics and people with type 2 diabetics get benefit from sweet potatoes as they improves blood sugar, insulin and lipids levels. One medium sweet potato offers 6 grams of fiber (unpeeled).

Controls Blood Pressure

To keep blood pressure at normal or lower levels, your sodium intake should be low and increased potassium intake should be high simultaneously. Daily 4,700 mg for potassium is recommended and a medium sweet potato provides around 542 milligrams of potassium.

Anti Cancer Properties

Prostrate cancer can be kept at bay by including sweet potatoes fairly in diet. It also kills the harmful radicals, thus useful to prevent all types of cancer as well.

Bowel Regularity and Digestion

As it is rich in fibre, sweet potatoes are natural and effective remedies to prevent constipation and aids in maintaining a healthy digestive tract with smooth metabolism and bowel movement.

Improves Fertility

Many studies have revealed that women if consumes more iron from plant sources from young age, it promotes fertility. Apart from rich source of iron, sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin A, which is essential during pregnancy and during lactating period for hormone synthesis.

Boosts Immunity

Sweet potatoes, alike all plant foods have high amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene that combines to boost up the immune power with the best combined nutrients.

Anti Inflammatory Properties

Another nutrient in sweet potatoes is choline that helps you to get the right amount and quality of sleep, learning and memorising abilities and muscle movement. Choline also maintains the structure of cellular membranes, thereby helping in transmission of nervous impulses, assisting in fat absorption and reducing chronic inflammation.

Improve Vision

As it is a widely known fact that vitamin A deficiency causes the deterioration of outer segments of the eye’s photoreceptors. You can restore your normal vision till old age if sweet potatoes are in your diet from teens. Sweet potatoes delay the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

These are readily available, delicious and inexpensive vegetables that offer a bountiful of health benefits to your body. They help you to deal with stress, blood issues, and even heart problems.

HWC Team

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