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Top 5 Android Apps for your Health

Top 5 apps on Android for your health
HWC Team
July30/ 2015

Taking care of your health and monitoring your fitness levels is no longer about going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer. These days, your health can easily be monitored using a device as simple as the mobile phone! Yes, thanks to the mobile apps and platforms that not only motivates you  to workout everyday but also measures your levels of fitness on a day to day basis.

If you are an Android device owner, then the good news is that there are a number of apps that you can download for your health. The following are some of the top apps on Android for your health:

1. Google Fit

This is an app which is compatible with all Android fitness devices like Android wear etc. This app can be used to measure and monitor your walking, cycling, running and other similar activities.  You can use this app to set goals,  timers, and see your speed, measure your distance covered among others.  The good news is that this app is absolutely free of cost.

2. Nike Boom

Another superb app which you can download on your Android devices to track your health is Nike Boom. This app makes it possible for users to choose music as well as a workout method of their choice and then offers a lot of motivation and encouragement for them to reach their fitness goals.  Moreover, this app is integrated with Facebook which means that you can even update your friends about your health in a real-time way.

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Available on Android for free of cost, Endomondo Sports Tracker is a super app for cyclists, runners, athletes and walkers and helps them to monitor their distance, calories burned and time taken. This app uses the GPS facility and tracks the fitness and movements of the users.  It also offers audio feedback as well as audio pep talk feature through which users are motivated and encouraged to perform better to reach their goals.

4. Calorie Counter

Another important part of our health is the number of calories we eat and burn. This app helps you to keep track of the calories and hence helps us stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.  It offers many incredible features like diet calendar, food diary and barcode scanner. Basically, the main goal that the app serves is that it lets you know what foods contain how many calories and how much should you intake every day to maintain a healthy weight.

5. BMI Calculator

This is yet another Android app which not only helps you focus on your health but also on your weight. This app helps one to know and calculate their Body Mass Index to make sure they are not overweight.  This app is not just meant for athletes, cyclists or other fitness enthusiasts but for any and every person who is conscious about their weight and want to remain on the right weight mark.

HWC Team

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