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How your Cell Phone can Harm your Neck and Back

how your cell phone can harm your neck and back
HWC Team
May11/ 2015

There is no denying of the fact that most of us cannot imagine our lives without using our cellphones, tablets and laptops. These gadgets are very essential for the kinds of lives we lead but did you know how harmful they can be for our healths? Well cell phone usage in particular can be very harmful for the neck and the back since while using it, most of us bend our necks and strain our backs.

Smartphones these days are not just used for making calls or receiving them but also for sending texts, writing and receiving emails and even playing games and making presentations etc. The following is some more information on how your cell phone can harm your neck and back:

How does This Happen?

If you are wondering how using your cell phone can harm your neck and back then you must know that our heads weight about 4 to 5 kilograms and at an angle of about 15 degrees, gravity may make us feel the weight of our heads about 12 kgs! Infact, at a 60 degree angle, which is the angle in which we bend our heads when using smartphones, our heads can weigh a whopping 27 kgs hanging from the necks.  This is why using cell phones on a regular basis or constantly can strain the necks and back.

Our neck and back are not designed to take on so much of weight and using phones and laptops can change the natural curve of these parts.  Neck discs are delicate structures which are soft jelly like in nature and these discs tend to move out of their normal position.  As the disc moves out of this normal position, the affect can be felt on the neck, back and even the spine.

How much should we use our Cellphones?

The next question that arises is that if cellphone usage is harmful, how much is too much? Well using phones at a stretch of about 2-3 hours can be a little too much for our necks and back to handle. One must avoid using these gadgets at a stretch because this can lead not only to pain and discomfort but also permanent problems.  One must use these devices only for 10-15 minutes at one time or maximum just for 30 minutes at a stretch

What is the Worst that can Happen?

You must all be wondering what could possibly be the worst that can happen due to cellphone usage.  Besides pain, discomfort and strain, this continuous usage of phones can lead to a disc bulge and also early degenerative conditions as well as changes in the spine due to the posture that we use or get in while using gadgets.

The condition may start with the pain in neck and back but can eventually reach to affecting the nerves. One may feel a tingling sensation or certain numbness down to the forearms, arms, neck and even the upper back as a result.

HWC Team

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