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Cold Shower vs. Hot Shower: Points of Comparison

cold shower vs hot shower
HWC Team
December28/ 2015

It is natural for most of us to want to take hot showers during winters and cold showers during summers. Though majority of us follow this practice of changing water temperature according to the weather outside, it is said that a cold shower is a better and a healthy option.

There are various points of comparison between hot and cold sh owers and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of differences and detailed comparison between cold shower and hot shower.

Advantages of Hot Shower

  • Congestion of chest and other respiratory issues -one of the main advantages of taking a hot shower is that it can help to ease chest congestion and respiratory problems. It can clear nasal blocks and may help the mucus to soften and flow out.
  • Can provide relief from sore muscles-another benefit of a hot shower is that it can provide relief from sore muscles immediately. The shows works like a hot pack on the aching areas and may help to relieve the knots and tensions. It can increase the blood circulation and makes you feel much better.
  • Can be sleep-inducing-taking a hot shower before bed time can help one get rid of stress and thereby proves to be sleep-inducing. It can make one feel calm and peaceful and thus leads to a restful sleep.
  • Care of skin -hot shower helps to open the skin pores and thus softens it and makes it healthy. It has a deep cleansing and moisturizing effect and helps to clear clogged up pores.

Disadvantages of a Hot Shower

A hot shower can also have certain disadvantages. It can be harmful for those suffering from cardiovascular problems by leading to hypertension and other issues. Also, a hot shower can heat up the body and thus it leads to the reduced functioning of the physiological systems of the body. Another disadvantage of a hot shower is that it can make hair weak as well as brittle and is also not very good for the skin since it opens up the pores and hence makes it attract dirt and dust.

Advantages of a Cold Shower

  • Improves circulation-a cold shower can improve blood circulation and can be good for the organs and the skin.
  • Good for heart health-another benefit of a cold shower is that it can prove to be good for the heart health due to the fact that it improves circulation. It helps to lower blood pressure helps in cleaning of the blocked arteries and improves the immune system as well.
  • Cleanses the body-a cold shower has the capability to cleanse the internal organs, besides cleansing the external parts. It contracts the muscles and hence leads to eliminate of wastes and toxins.

Disadvantages of a Cold Shower

A cold shower is not recommended for a woman who is menstruating because the system of menstruating women is already under duress and is weakened and a cold shower can further affect it negatively. During this time, the female must go for a hot bath which is both relaxing and calming.

HWC Team

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