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Common Diseases that you can Get from your Pets

common diseases that you can get from your pets
HWC Team
January28/ 2016

Pets are undoubtedly the truest friends, and gives bundles of happiness, however, there are a number of diseases that can spread from these lovable animals. It is important for the pet lovers to be aware of such diseases, so that they can take sufficient precaution, which will keep both them and their pets healthy and happy.

Diseases Which Spread from the Pets

A lot of people love having a pet in the house. But they should also know about the diseases that their furry, or feathery, or scaly pets can carry and spread as some of these diseases can be really complicated and some can be even fatal in long run.

Cat Scratch Disease

A very common disease originating from the feline member of your family. As the name suggests, the disease spreads from the scratch or bite of a cat, and its symptoms are, fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, etc.


Probably the commonest of all diseases that spread from the bite of an animal which has been infected. The animal in question is seen to be foaming in the mouth and have weird eyes. The virus targets the central nervous system, and if not treated in time, can spread to the head and cause death. The symptoms are fever, weakness etc in the initial stage followed by insomnia, anxiety, partial paralysis, etc, during a later stage.

Q Fever

Generally found in cattle animals like, goat, sheep etc, but even pets living inside a house can be affected by it. The problem with the bacteria causing this fever is that its resistance against heat is particularly high, and many other common disinfectants. The bacteria could be found in the milk, urine or feces of the affected animal and could be transmitted to humans by inhaling.

Lyme Disease

Generally this is carried by tricks which live in the trees, therefore an outing in the woods or outdoor event for a pet can mean that they carry a few tricks back home, and from them, the tricks spread to their human friends, and infect them with Lyme disease.


Though plague in recent times has been brought under control, yet, they do occur in specific areas from time to time. Generally, it is believed that plague is caused by rats, but even rabbits, squirrels, cats or prairie dogs can pass on this disease to human beings. Cats are mostly associated with bubonic plagues.

Roundworm Infection

Roundworm can affect your cat quite easily, who can then pass it on to you. A cat infected by roundworm will show symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stool etc. you will found visible worm in their stool. An affected human will have symptoms like cough, shortness of breath etc.


A number of reptiles, even turtle and baby chicks can have it. The symptoms of it in humans are fever, abdominal pain, vomiting tendencies etc.

These are a few of the most common diseases that you can get from your pet.

HWC Team

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