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Dangers associated with Flip Flops!

Dangers associated with Flip Flops
HWC Team
June02/ 2016

As summer approaches, all of us want to switch to wearing flip flops but most of the medical experts claim that flip flops are very harmful for health. Hence, it is a good idea to reserve flip flops only to beaches, pool parties, spas or shared showers and avoid them for daily usage. Below given are the reasons why flip flops are one of the most dangerous footwear for you, even though they just seem to be a nice and comfortable pair of slippers. Read more:

  • Your feet are exposed to bacteria, viral and fungal infections. Your feet get most filthy when you wear flip flops and along with dirt, a lot of nasty things like bacteria and viruses get stuck on to your feet. There is a bacterium called Staphylococcus which leads to irritation of the skin of the feet and can also lead to infection in the cuts in some situations.
  • Flip flops slow down your walking speed. It is proven that when you wear flip-flops, you take smaller steps compared to those people who wear sneakers or shoes. Hence, if you take walks for maintaining your health, you should wear sneakers instead of flip flops.
  • They spoil your heels because the heels hit the ground with more force when there is no solid sole for the footwear. This would just end up causing pain in the feet if you walk in flip flops for a long time and hence, it is not advisable to wear them if your daily schedule involves walking.
  • They can cause painful and terrible blisters. When a thin strap is the only thing that holds on to your shoe, the straps rub against your skin every time you take a step and this can cause terrible irritation and blisters to the foot. When blisters appear, it is an open wound on the feet which easily invites harmful infection causing pathogens which can worsen the blisters.
  • Flip flops can permanently damage your toes. They can cause a hammertoe which is a situation where the knuckles of the toes start bending. This is because when you wear flip flops, your toes need to make the extra efforts of keeping your foot on the sole of your shoe. This gradually increases to make your feet stiff and cause a pain in the bones of your feet as well.
  • They can cause shooting pains. People who are flat footed need an arch support for their knees, hips and back to stay aligned. Hence, when a flat foot person wears flip flops, there are problems in the support which causes heel pain and pinched nerves in the back.
  • They are made up of toxic chemicals. The plastic straps could be made up of latex, which causes a lot of allergies. Another material used in making flip flops is plastic, which contains BPA, which is a cancer causing toxin.

Hence, it is any day advisable to wear covered footwear or good quality sandals so that you do not face any health issues.

HWC Team

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