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The Various Disadvantages of using Hand Sanitizers

the various disadvantages of using hand sanitizers
HWC Team
May25/ 2015

These days, most of us carry small bottles of hand sanitizers in our handbags and briefcase covers as chances of not finding a tap nearby can arise anytime.  Hand sanitizers are available in many forms such as liquid forms, wet towels, and even wipes.

While it is true that hand sanitizers may make your hands feel clean and germ-free but did you know that they have several disadvantages as well? Well, they may prove handy during camping trips, traveling etc. but one must avoid using them otherwise. Here’s why:

Low Cleaning Effectiveness

One of the most important disadvantages or negative point associated with using hand sanitizers is that they do not clean your hands as effectively and easily as liquid soaps or bar soaps do. They may definitely remove the visible dirt but can never replace hand washes.When you are not near any visible water source, then these little hand sanitizer bottles can prove very handy but besides that, one must not take them into use for cleaning.

Endocrine System Disruption

Another major disadvantage of using hand sanitizers is that they can lead to the disruption of the endocrine system.  These antibacterial hand cleaning solutions consist of triclosan or triclocarban which are agents that have the ability to kill both bad and good (beneficial) bacteria. These hand sanitizers cannot make out the difference between the helpful and bad bacteria and thus act as endocrine disrupters. Due to this reason, they can lead to several complications including early puberty because triclocarban tends to enhance the action of the testosterone.

Dangerous for Children

Most of the liquid hand sanitizers sold in the markets contain a large content of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol which is some chemicals that must be kept out of the reach of children.  Children must always be supervised by adults while they are using hand sanitizers.  If children tend to consume hand sanitizers, then they may need quick medical attention

Flammable Ingredients and Chemicals

Most hand sanitizers available in liquid form are full of alcohol content. Alcohol content is flammable in nature and thus hand sanitizers are made up of flammable products.  People must avoid exposing these hand sanitizers to open flames such as gas appliances and candles.  Also, these must not be used while cooking on open flames like barbeques etc. as well.  Due to this property, they prove to be hazardous waste in nature and must be disposed of properly.

May Lower Immunity

Research has proved that usage of hand sanitizers can lower the child’s immunity and this is a major disadvantage. Kids tend to fall ill more easily and quickly once they start using these liquid sanitizers. Ultra clean environments during the initial stages of a child’s life lower their immunity to such an extent that their body’s defense mechanism is always in a fighting mode, thus leading to weakening of the immunity system.  This can lead to other complications when the children grow up into adults.

HWC Team

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