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Pros and Cons of Drinking Hot Milk at Night

pros and cons of drinking hot milk at night
HWC Team
September30/ 2015

Milk is a stop answer to all daily nutrition you are looking for. Milk has calcium and other minerals and vitamins that boost immunity, enhances bone density, and looks after overall health. Therefore it has been considered a healthy drink since ages for all age groups.

People prefer to drink milk mostly at breakfast and also at night time before going to bed. It is a conventional drink and in early days drinking milk at night was almost a compulsion; however there is certainly difference of opinions about drinking hot milk at night, let us look at some pros and cons of it –

Pros of Drinking Hot Milk at Bed Time

Aids in Good Sleep

Scientists researched to find out that milk has tryptophan, which is an amino acid and is responsible for inducing sleep. Research has also proved that when Tryptophan is released in the brain, it produces serotonin, which is a serenity boosting neurotransmitter. Therefore in many cases, it is found to help fight insomnia as well.

Keeps Body Warm

Warm milk makes the body warm. Thus when the temperature of the body is raised the muscles get relaxed and this condition slows down the responses of the body and induces sleep.

Soothes Disturbed Stomach or Digestive System

Warm milk coats the stomach and soothes it. If a person suffers from mild peptic ulcers, milk may ease and give a relieved feeling.

Keeps you Full for a Long Period of Time

Children sleep off well when their stomach is full. This is true with adults also. So when milk is taken at night after food, it gives a sense of content and keeps you full throughout the night.

Cons of Drinking Milk at Night Hours

Difficult to Digest

Warm milk at night is many times not easy to digest and may lead to a bloating stomach and Acidity which may make you uncomfortable and may drive off sleep. It can also be heavy for people with the weak digestive system as it has a lot of nutrients and minerals.

Triggers Allergies

Some studies have shown that if you have the milk allergy, your immune system will start overreacting to proteins in the milk. Allergies are known to show up more rapidly at night hours and can lead to rashes, fever, hives, swelling and itching. Extreme cases might even lead to breathing troubles, which can be life-threatening. Especially in children and infants, cow’s milk triggers allergies and thus it is better to skip the night hours and drink milk in the morning if you have a tendency for allergies.

Thus, drinking hot milk at night has its set of pros and cons and the decision completely depends on an individual’s body and digestive system. For many people drinking warm milk at night gives psychological comfort and thus may help you to relax and have good sleep at night.

HWC Team

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