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Why Drugs are must after 60 years of Age

Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain
July11/ 2016

People above 60 years of age require more attention and care. Old age is a condition when the person is unable to carry out his/her own activities on a daily basis independently. There are certain medications which are required to treat the diseases seen in patients above 60 years of age. Medication is required by the individual of all age groups based on the health condition. The health condition varies from person to person. Medication is required to boost the immunity of the person. The immunity is reduced as the person grows older. The major risk factors in old age are cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease and psychological disorders. Most common problems observed in old age are unpredictable behaviour, mood swings, anxiety and depression.

According to world health organization the old age people are more susceptible to diseases and disabilities.

Risk factors

The risk factors of ill health among older people include the following

  • Injury

Common injuries like knee injury, head injury can lead to severe complications in old age. The injuries in old age need immediate attention from doctors and peers. The untreated injuries can cause permanent disability in the patient.

  • Infection

Bacterial and viral infections will become severe during old age. The infections spread more rapidly in the body during infection.

  • Mental health disorder

The psychological disorders are more common in old age. The mental health disorders cause anxiety and depression. The anxiety and depression is increased due to the factors like

  • Physical health problems – The health problems like heart diseases increases depression in patients. The patients will be more depressed because of the fear of death.
  • Chronic pain – Chronic pain increases the risk of inflammation. Severe pain will have a negative impact on the person’s behaviour.
  • Medication side-effect – Side effects of medicines can increase anxiety in patients.
  • Social environment – Healthy environment at home and at social gatherings plays a major role in controlling anxiety and frequent mood swings in old age people.
  • Social isolation- Isolating old age people in social gatherings increases anxiety in them and make them more depressed.
  • Poor nutrition

Nutritious healthy food is important for all age groups. The old age people require more nutrients as their immune system becomes weak. Healthy diet can help avoid major health problems. Diets low in nutrients can cause deficiency of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the body. It is recommended to have more amounts of fruits and vegetables during old age. The consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables helps in boosting the immunity. The fibre content present in the fruits and vegetables helps in digestion.

  • Overweight and obesity

Overweight and obesity are common in old age. The obese patients are at high risk of infections. The obese patients take more time in getting cured of a disease, when compared to the people with normal weight. Overweight can increase the risk of coronary heart disease; increases blood cholesterol, increases blood pressure, increases risk of type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco smoking is injurious to people of all age groups. Consuming tobacco increases risk of lung cancer and worsen the situation of the patient. Tobacco consumptions damage the blood vessels and can lead to formation of plaques. Consuming more amount of tobacco can result in formation of clots in the blood vessels.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol consumption in excess is not good for health. Alcohol addiction in older people should be treated well in advance. The addiction of alcohol will have a negative impact on the person’s physical and mental health. Consuming more amount of alcohol triggers more number of diseases leading to complications.

  • Elder maltreatment

The elder maltreatment is the physical, mental and financial abuse in people aged 60 and older. Elder maltreatment effects both physical and mental health of the person and have a negative impact on the well being of the person.

Drugs required in old age

Drugs are required for treatment of different ailments in old age. The diseases if left untreated can be life threatening. Infections spread rapidly in the body if left untreated. Antibiotics are given to the patients instantly in cases of bacterial or viral infections. The list of category of drugs required in old age is

  • Antibiotics – Antibiotics are required to prevent bacterial or viral infections. The antibiotics help in killing the causative agents of infection.
  • Blood thinners – Blood thinners are must to avoid the clotting of blood. As the person grows older the blood becomes thicker resulting in formation of clots. These blood thinners helps in free flow of blood and avoid formation of clots
  • Anti inflammatory drug – Anti inflammatory drugs are required by patients to prevent inflammation in the skin and different organs.
  • Diuretic – Diuretics are a set of drugs given to the patients to control the blood pressure.
  • Anti depressants – Anti depressants are mostly required by patients who are in depressed state or at high risk of depression.
  • Analgesic – Analgesics are the pain killer drugs. These drugs are taken to reduce pain. High dose of analgesics intake increases risk of kidney dysfunctions.
  • Antipyretic – Many antipyretic drugs have analgesic activity. The antipyretic drugs are mainly consumed to control body temperatures.

Caring old age people

Old age people need both physical and moral support during the last days of their life. The patients should get a healthy environment for their well being. The attendants should have complete knowledge of the health of the patient. Keeping older people in old-age homes increases the mood swings and can result in severe psychological problems. A healthy diet must be given along with supplements when required. Social isolation is the main cause of psychological problems in the older people. Older people should be encouraged to do regular exercise and meditations like yoga. The regular work outs help the patient recover faster. The drugs if given in proper dosage can help cure the patients from any ailments if a healthy environment is maintained around them.

Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain

Atefa Noorain, (Microbiologist) former Head of the Department of Life Sciences, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Sujatha Degree College for Women. She worked as an Associate Research Analyst at Thomson Reuters and an Associate Editor of two research journals. She has presented her research work in 3 International Conferences. She has written articles for national journals and international journals. She had been felicitated as a Young Speaker in the last conference. She has worked on Nanoparticles as a part of her research project and won the Best Scientist of the Day award.

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