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6 Adverse Effects of Traffic on Health

the various adverse effects of traffic on health
HWC Team
December26/ 2015

No one loves being stuck in traffic jams during their commute by any means of transport. Whether it is in the hot summers or chilly winters, traffic situations can truly spoil the mood, besides delaying us for our destination. But did you know that traffic can actually be bad for your health too? As big cities keep getting congested and the smaller ones run out of space, traffic is increasing all over the world and is leading to many adverse effects on our health. The following given is a list of the various bad consequences of traffic on us:

1. Increases Anxiety

Being stuck in long traffic jams can increase the stress and anxiety levels, especially in the case of those who experience the jams on their way to work, to meetings or other such important destinations.  What happens is that as one is stuck at a position or in a crawling congestion of vehicles, he/she may constantly look at the watch, get calls from people about his/her status and this can lead to stress, which in the long run can affect the mental and physical health.

2. Rise in Blood Pressure

Long commutes and traffic jams are also responsible for spiking the blood pressure in case of many people. When you are concerned that you will be late and feel impatient, then the stress can lead the blood pressure to rise and this is a matter of concern. Reports have suggested that those who meet rush during their way to work are often found to have higher BP levels as compared to others who have smoother rides.

3. Sleep Problems

It is a fact that people who are stuck in jams and rush hours several times a week are more likely to experience more sleep problems than others.  Reaching home late everyday may change and hamper the daily schedule and hence the sleep cycle which can cause issues in sleeping. Some people even go on to develop sleeplessness or insomnia.

4. Respiratory Problems

One of the biggest adverse effects of traffic jams is that they can really lead to bad respiratory health. When one is waiting in a jam, he/she inhales more poisonous gases and fumes than while he/she is constantly on the move on the road. Over a period of time, this can not only lead to lung and respiratory system related issues but can also worsen the symptoms of asthma or bronchitis. Inhaling fumes can create many problems and may weaken the lungs.

5. Can Lead to Back Aches and Posture Problems

Sitting in the car or any other vehicle for an extended period of time can lead to back aches and back problems. Some people also experience posture problems due to this. They may eventually develop a slouched posture as a result of spending a lot of time in a slouched position.  This can also result in pain in wrists, hands, legs and other parts of the body.

HWC Team

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