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13 Unbelievable & Interesting Facts of a Human Body

The mysterious facts a human body unfolds
HWC Team
August20/ 2015

There have been many discoveries about the human mind and body that has helped the Homo sapiens to become fit and healthy for survival. Though many might claim that there are no more mysteries or unknown facts about the human body the truth is just the opposite as every day scientists are unfolding unknown and unbelievable facts about the human body. Below given are some interesting facts about the human body that will astound you.

13 Mysterious Facts about the Human Body:

Bones in the Body of a Baby

A human offspring has 60 bones more than a grown-up human being.

The Nosy Matter

A developed human nose can reminisce up to 50,000 different kinds of smell (scents). 

Those Attractive Eyelashes

There are tiny microscopic mites that live peacefully in the eyelashes of the human eye. 

Blue Eyes

Maximum human babies are born with sparkling blue eyes. However, as they grow up the exposure of the eyes to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and melanin secretion help to develop and bring out the true colour of the eyes. 

The Brain Talk

The average human brain only consumes about twenty percent of the oxygen and calorie formed in the body. 

Smell of the Human Body

Every human being has a different and unique smell, but only twins have the same smell that creates a unique bond between them. 

Let the Eyes do the Talking

Most of the information (90% or more) gathered by a human being is through his or her eye sight or as the result of the visual effect. It is true that human beings are extremely visual. The eyes basically help to capture and record information about the surroundings or a particular place, etc. 

About Baby Skin

It is a very uncommon fact that the foreskin of the human baby is frequently used to implant new skin for burn fatalities. 

The Bone Story

It is a known fact that there are 206 bones in a fully grown human body. However, these bones together are four times stronger than any concrete built by the humans. 

The Heat Effect

Just like manmade machines, human bodies also produce a lot of heat. The heat produced by the human body in only half an hour can easily boil half a gallon of liquid in no time at all. 

The Muscle Tale

Any guesses about the strongest muscle in the human body? It is the muscle fibre known as Masseter which is a jaw muscle present inside the mouth of the human body. 

Body Hair

It is believed that a human being (male or female) with too much body hair is considered to have a higher intellect than other human beings with less body hair. However more researches are being done to prove this. 

Tongue Print

It is an evidentiary fact that every individual has a unique finger print like a mobile number or the Internet Protocol Address. However, the human tongue also has a unique tongue print. Interesting, isn’t it!

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