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Surprising Facts about Soft Drinks

surprising facts about soft drinks to know
HWC Team
August19/ 2015

Soft drinks have become an integral part of dining and partying. There are various kinds of drinks and mocktails that can be prepared with the help of these aerated drinks. Though any beverage without alcohol can be called soft drink, but advertisements had made sure that soft drinks exclusively mean carbonated and flavored drinks.

However there are a lot of debates about these drinks too. Below given is a list of surprising facts that most people did not know about these soft drinks.

Some Facts about Soft Drinks that Might Surprise You

It Does have ‘Little’ Alcohol

So you thought the soft drinks do not contain alcohol? Maybe you should think again. According to a research conducted in 2006, all soft drinks in practice contain some amount of alcohol. This happens due to fermentation, which results from using CO2, just like it occurs in the case of beer. This can also happen due to use of sugar in these drinks and thus an amount of alcohol remain present in these drinks.

USA was the Land of Origin

The first soft drink in the world was introduced in the USA in 1807. The inventor was called Townsend Speakman. In ancient times it was believed that bathing in water containing minerals is good for health. The scientists tried to make such water by adding carbon and other things in it. Eventually this led to the introduction of carbonated beverages, and flavors were added to make them taste better.

The Main Reason of Obesity in America

Soft drinks is consumed in America in huge quantities and studies have stated that it is the primary reason of obesity in Americans. Soft drinks is almost a part of regular American diet, therefore the health quotient is going down on a regular basis.

Leads to Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, a disease that makes your bone more fragile has links with soft drinks. Studies and surveys have shown that too much consumption of soft drinks can lead to osteoporosis; more studies are being conducted to know the actual reason for this. Probably, health drinks are substituted with these soft drinks that lack calcium content can be one of the causes.

Crown Caps Aided in Storage

Initially, it was difficult to keep the carbonated drink in a bottle since there were no crown caps available. Until the discovery of the crown caps, the drinks were kept only in pharmacies and not in regular shops. Many of the early drinks were also discovered by the pharmacists.

It can Lead to Addiction

Like drugs and alcohol, soft drinks also lead to addictions. The drink contains caffeine, sweetener of high level and sodium and thus one can get addicted to these drinks.

Besides the above given there are many other facts related to soft drinks like tooth decay and growth in kidney stone. Thus it can be concluded that soft drinks are not healthy beverage.

HWC Team

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