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8 Uncommon Facts about the Common Fruit – Banana

uncommon facts about fruit banana
HWC Team
October30/ 2015

Each and every person who is concerned about their health eats fruits. There are exotic fruits, seasonal fruits, and then there are common everyday fruits like banana. However, this regular common fruit has certain points that can really surprise you, and next time you buy the fruit, from your local vendor, the roadside shop or the supermarket, you will probably not consider it a very common fruit again. Let us then check out some of the most fascinating facts about the banana –

Fun and Fascinating Facts about Banana

These facts about bananas range from fun to completely bizarre. Here are top 8 facts about bananas that you were probably not aware off.

Countless Varieties

In the world there are about 1000 varieties of bananas available, but sadly the number of edible varieties of this fruits is tremendously low. Various places in the world specialize in the growth of various types of bananas, obviously those which are eaten.

It is an Herb

We generally consider the banana tree as a ‘tree’. However the truth is banana is not a tree, it is herb. And as surprising as it might sound, banana is a type of fruit that actually belongs to the berry family.

It’s Radioactive

A very fascinating fact about banana is that they are radioactive. Yes, that is true since they are naturally radioactive. This is so because bananas contain a huge amount of potassium. Practically the potassium-40, which in itself is a radioactive isotope of potassium.

Tallest Fruit Plant

The “trees” of the bananas are the world’s tallest herbaceous plant and grows till 20 feet in height. The plant has no woody stem and the entire plant perishes by the end of the annual cycle.

Majorly Made of Water

Bananas are definitely not watery or have fluid like texture; instead if you eat them they give a dry mouth-feel and have a firm texture in the exterior. You would be surprised to know that bananas are composed of 75% water.

Apt Food for Athletes

It is said that banana is good for athletes who eat them in good quality. Yohan Black, who is an Olympian, consumes around 16 bananas daily. Bananas contain those nutrients and antioxidants which are absent in the health drinks.

Probably ‘Cheapest’

Interestingly not only is banana a very good fruit full of all the goodness of nature but it is also very light on your purse. It is probably one of the most inexpensive fruits in the world. This might be a little difficult in believing that the price for bananas were more expensive in the 1980s than they are now. This is so because the rates of transportation and distribution have gone down considerably from that period.

Eases Depression Symptoms

Eating banana has direct effect on your mind. Bananas contain amino acid, vitamin B-6 among other nutrients, and together all these produce serotonin, which helps to keep mental depression at bay. Therefore, eating banana, just like eating chocolate helps in uplifting your mood.

Now you know a lot of fascinating things about your regular fruit, banana.

HWC Team

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