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What Happens After Drinking Coca-Cola?

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HWC Team
August19/ 2015

Love coca-cola? Do you know what coca-cola does to your body after you consume? The following information will give you a brief on what happens after you gulp your favorite drink.

An Indian scientist has proved what coca-cola does to your body after you gulp it down. In Truth Theory blog, Niraj Naik has mentioned the health issues associated with drinking coca-cola. The following are the 10 points about coca-cola that might surprise you:

First 10 Minutes

Within the first 10 minutes, 10 teaspoons (100 per cent of your recommended daily intake) of sugar hit your system. Though the overwhelming sweetness make you vomit, the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down.

20 Minutes

After 20 minutes, blood sugar levels in the body spike giving insulin burst and the liver responds by turning sugar into fat.

40 Minutes

After 40 minutes, caffeine absorption is complete after which your pupils dilate, blood pressure rises. Due to this, liver dumps more sugar into bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked, thus preventing drowsiness.

45 Minutes

After 45 minutes, the body increases a person’s dopamine production triggering the pleasure centers of the brain. After an hour, diuretic properties of the caffeine come into picture.

60 Minutes

The phosphoric acid binds calcium, Zinc and magnesium in your lower intestine, thus boosting the metabolism. This is comprised of high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which increases the urinary excretion of calcium.

After 1 Hour

You will start to have a sugar crash and may become irritable and sluggish. You have now pissed away all the water present in the coke. So, these are the few facts that would happen after an hour you drink Coca-cola.

Naik added that there were 1.6 billion servings of coke each day across the world. If you care about your heart, health and mind, then you should not opt for that bottle of coke.

HWC Team

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