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Find Out What are the Potential Health Risks of Excessive Computer Usage

find out what are the potential health risks of excessive computer usage
HWC Team
September17/ 2015

There is no doubt about that fact that technology has helped mankind in various ways but on the flipside, it has various disadvantages as well. IT jobs, big brand names, and high profile offices have one thing in common – long hours of working in front of computers.

Usual health issues confronted by workers sitting in front of computers for such long hours include neck aches, sore eyes and back stiffness. The fingers also get strained as a result of incessant typing. Let us see how excessive computer usage is ruining human health –

Computer – A Bane for Health

Mental Dullness

Usage of computer for long hours has been shown by popular research to cause grey matter atrophy which is primarily due to internet usage for long hours. It has been known to cause a limitation of the brain’s capacity to process information which is outside the frame of a computer screen. Thus, it also has a negative effect on the inane creative streak of an individual. Random reading on internet causes dullness of mental faculties.


Too much use of computer also leads to The long hours before a computer mean less physical activity and increase lethargy and fatigue. This interrupts the normal functioning of body and thus causes obesity. Research says that inherent skills can also get suppressed due to excessive computer usage. Computer usage over a long period leads to general unproductive tendencies.

Vision Problems

Computer vision syndrome is one of the many problems faced by people using computers. Long hours in front of a screen leads to hazy vision, nausea, neck and head pain; apart from these, eyes fatigue is also another symptom of this ailment. The disorder occurs because of strain caused due to constant gazing at a source of light. Mostly, people stare at laptop screens from a close distance, which can harm the eyes.

Immoral Indulgence

The empty mind in its shallowness often sits at a computer and engages in cyber crimes as well. Research has shown that too much tinkering with a computer is known to be a reason people today have a tendency in becoming hackers and indulging in illegal activities.

Psychological Troubles

The long hours spent in front of computer are also known to cause issues like depression due to lack of human contact. It can also lead to loss of sleep or insomnia. The computer disrupts the pattern of sleeping as well as eating since people seem to lose track of time when they are working on computers. The long hours on computers often brings extreme solitude and isolation that can later invite many psychological disorders.

Nervous Disorders

The biggest strain is by far on the eye which develops various nerve and other problems. The lack of blinking is known to also cause dry eye syndrome which is another common ailment and associated with other nerve related

Computer usage is indispensable these days and you just cannot find any office that is devoid of computers; however there are certain ways that can keep the side effects away even if using computer for long hours is necessary. Use anti glare spectacles and if you already have power, coat your spectacle lenses with anti glare. Take short breaks in between, never keep your laptop on your lap while working, and use a proper table.

HWC Team

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