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8 Interesting Facts about Diet Soda

interesting facts about diet soda
HWC Team
April10/ 2015

While some of us like to have a diet soda regularly and there are some people who just cannot do without it.  Did you know that such drinks are the biggest source of calories for the Americans? Well this is just one fact which is enough to tell you that having diet soda regularly can be pretty bad for your health, no matter how good it tastes.

Unfortunately, fizzy drinks are more in vogue than ever and the rate of consumption is only growing day by day. Before you pick that can of diet soda again, you must know a few facts associated with it. The following are 8 interesting things to know about diet sodas:

  • One fact that you must know about diet soda is that it can probably make you obese. Yes, even inspite of the ‘diet’ tag, having diet soda on a regular basis can lead to weight gain and this is because it consists of a lot of artificial sweeteners and other such ingredients. These artificial sweeteners tend to increase the sugar craving which thus leads to weight gain.
  • Another fact about diet soda which people must know is that it is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. It is a fact that drinking one diet soda a day is related to a 36% increase in risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
  • No matter how much you like diet soda, you cannot ignore the fact that it has no nutritional value at all. The drink is doing your body no good and is infact harming the body in more ways than you can imagine.
  • The sweetener present in diet soda is linked to headaches. Early studies on aspartame have shown that the artificial sweetener tends to trigger headaches and this is also evident from the fact that people with migraines were also linked to excess consumption of diet soda.
  • Diet soda and other fizzy drinks are really bad for your teeth! Yes, drinking these sodas on a regular basis can ruin your smile by causing tooth erosion. This is because of the presence of citric acid in these drinks which weaken or destroy the tooth enamel over a period of time.
  • Drinking diet soda every now and then can make drinking more dangerous. A lot of people use these sodas as a low calorie cocktail mixer but these can make one drunk faster. This is because the bloodstream tends to absorb the artificial sweetener faster than sugar.
  • Fizzy drinks can also lead to depression. Studies have found that people who drank over 4 cups or cans of soda a day are 30% more at a risk of suffering from depression.
  • Another interesting fact about diet soda is that it can lead to bone related problems. Cola drinkers have a slightly lower bone mineral density as compared to those who do not drink such fizzy drinks. Thus one must avoid having diet sodas as much as possible.

HWC Team

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