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Interesting 4 Myths and Facts about Snoring

HWC Team
March23/ 2015

Snoring is nothing but an indication that the person is facing some obstruction while breathing; experts say that when excessive fat accumulates around the belly region the lungs gets constricted and does not get enough space to expand and inhale the oxygen, thereby creating an obstacle while inhalation-exhalation. There are various myths related to snoring and some of the most common ones are given below.

Myth 1

You will have sleep apnea (common cause of snoring) only if you are old, overweight and have big necks


This description of having sleep apnea is definitely true; but there is an extended truth to this. Nowadays, it’s seen that even thin and young women who don’t snore is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is actually the cause of narrow jaw structure and surprisingly around 90% of women suffering from this condition tend to gain weight, and have diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and heart diseases if its left untreated. Snoring is thus common in even young and thin people.

Myth 2

99.9% people snore and thus it is normal!


It is essential to know that snoring is not a normal condition and it is quite serious issue as your lungs are struggling to breathe properly while you are sound asleep – it’s dangerous and can even be fatal! Doctors often say that regular snorers have hypertension and sleep apnea. Therefore, the condition is not to be taken lightly as it invites a host of heart diseases and other problems as well.

Myth 3

It’s only the snorer who is affected by snoring


Of course the snorer is adversely affected due to snoring, may be unknowingly but yes it’s harmful! However, it also has a negative effect on the person lying next to them. The snoring noise is approximately 60 decibels (almost the noise that a vacuum cleaner makes), but some snorers can reach 80 or even 90 decibels (almost the noise produced in a factory).

This level of noise pollution at night increases the blood pressure of the other person, which is again not a good thing for health. Fragmented sleep is also another problem of the bed partner and he / she might lose up to an hour’s good sleep during the night.

Myth 4

It is only men who snore


This is a completely wrong idea that most of you must be having! The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association have declared in a report that there are around 15 million snorers in the UK, amongst which 4.5 million are women and 10.4 million are men; therefore the ratio of male to female snorers is 2.3 :1. However, this is true that men are more likely to be snorers, probably due to their anatomy and way of living. It is said that men are even louder snorers than women.

There are many more myths like if you clean your nose, snoring will stop. Losing weight can help you in stopping snoring. Insomniacs snore more and many others. It is advisable to check the reality with a physician and then go about a significant process to get rid of snoring.

HWC Team

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