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Know how Everyday Bad Habits Damage your Brain Overtime

everyday bad habits damage brain
HWC Team
November02/ 2015

In daily lives people often entertain a number of bad habits that eventually leads to various health problems and organ damage. A few such habits damage the human brain quite severely and since this damage is done in silence, people fail to recognize them until it is too late. Let us look into a few bad habits, which are common and have bad affect on the functioning of the human brain.

Bad Habits that Affect the Functioning of the Human Brain

Not Enough Sleep

In the modern world people are so busy with their lives; they seem to happily satisfy one of the most important things in the world- sleep.  No matter how busy you are, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. When you sleep less, the frontal lobe of your brain is unable to function properly, resulting into more indecisiveness and lesser control over emotions. Hence it is imperative you get some sleep, which in human act as a battery charger.

Smoking Habits

Smoking damages the body in innumerable ways. The main organs that are dangerously affected by smoking are lungs and brain. It is believed to be promoting Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore in order to protect your brain from imminent and clear danger, you need to quit smoking.

Covering the Head During Sleep

This is a bad practice which damages the brain by reducing the amount of oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide which is not good for the brain.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol damages almost all your organs, the prime ones are the nervous system, brain, heart and the liver.  The chemical reactions in the brain get adversely affected by excess alcohol consumption. The neurons also get damaged due to this habit and it reduces the speed of nerve impulse transmission.

Exercising your Brain too much During an Illness

This is a very bad habit that can actually damage your overall health, including the brain functions. If you force your brain to work during an acute illness, it will be harmed and also your immune system will go weak eventually. Reduced memory strength and headaches are common consequences.


The diet should be analyzed as per the person’s age, gender, height and activity level. Extra calories make the people overweight and obese. Obesity increases the chances of dementia, frequent and whimsical impulses and other health issues.

Lack of Activity

The brain is a machine and it should be used every day. Thinking creatively and differently is important as it stimulates the brain cells.  Lack of brain activity can lead to brain damage. Even less speaking can affect your brain. The more you are talking the more your brain is being used, which is actually beneficial.

Apart from the habits mentioned above, there are some other habits such as reading for long hours in the dark, using excessive electronic gadgets and many more that can have detrimental effects on the proper functioning of your brain and thus you should discontinue or put a check on them immediately.

HWC Team

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