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Are you Texting too much- Know the Possible Health Risks

are you texting too much- Know the possible health risks
HWC Team
September26/ 2015

Today, sale of smart phones tops the list of electronic manufacturing and sale market. Although these gadgets are making life more comfortable, however the harmful effects of these gadgets on human life are increasing simultaneously.

The increasing tendency to text messages and opinions than calling is seen as the commonest influence of smart phones. Definitely, they have their share of merits – you can keep messages private, it can be done faster, it is cost effective, and many more but on the flip side it has various disadvantages as well.

Why Texting have Become so Popular Phenomenon?

Social networking sites are very common these days as people can stay in touch with their dear ones with just a few clicks. It is entertaining and cheap way to communicate too, as messaging is almost free on majority of the sites and apps. Apart from sites, texting also means messaging using your mobile phone. Also, there are many apps available these days for smart phone users, which made them addicted to texting.

Health Risks of too much Texting

Lack of Concentration

Continuous texting makes one’s brain remain too active and this causes lack of proper concentration in school, colleges or office.

Behavioral Problems

Too much of texting tends to develop certain behavioral problems, such as addiction to drinks, drugs, smoking etc. Teens tend to show off of being smart enough in the company of friends and thus get into many kinds of bad habits too.

Body Aches

Many types of bodily pains come up, such as pain in neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers, and even headache, due to extreme texting, as the fingers are continuously busy in typing.

Eye and Visionary Troubles

Eyes are badly affected due to too much of texting, as they are subjected to continuous glare from some or the other screen, be it our smart phones, or computer screens. This leads to more and more teens and adults going in for eye problems and therefore are forced to wear glasses.

Gets Prone to Accidents

Habits die hard. So, the tendency to remain in continuous contact with people makes one to text even while driving. Lack of concentration while driving causes serious accidents.

Stress and Insomnia

While one writes a text message, usage of eyes, hands, and fingers are continuous. Even the brain is into full working condition if you are texting too much which leads to extreme stress and sleeplessness. This problem of stress is seen more commonly in teenagers.

Teenagers also get involved in texting and enter a virtual world and have virtual friends. If this bond breaks, then they are not able to tolerate it and start having many behavioral problems in school and colleges. Incidences of physical quarrels and fights have come up along with lack of concentration in schools and colleges. Thus too much of texting not only leads to health issues but various behavioral and social issues as well.

HWC Team

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