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Know the reason behind left handedness!

know the reason behind left handedness
HWC Team
May30/ 2016

Maximum number of people in the world are right handed and especially in our country, even if a person is born left handed; he or she is forced to become right handed, because there are a lot of taboos associated with it. People are not allowed to eat, write and worship with their left hand and it is treated to be unlucky, inauspicious and what not. But in reality, it is all natural and there are some aspects which determine whether the person is right handed or left handed. Read below to know why some people are born left handed even though the majority of people are right handed.

  • Every gene has two copies and hence, there are two chances of mutation, which can either lead to the left handedness or right handedness but the mutation occurs more in the right handed copy of the gene.
  • The gene PCSK6 is a gene which is directly associated with left handedness and when this gene is mutated, left handedness is caused, but this is not the sole reason which leads people to become left handed.
  • There are several permutations and combinations of genetic mutations which play a role in deciding the handedness of a person and the way fully involved genes interact with each other decide the handedness of a person.
  • Males with in-utero exposure diethylstilbestrol, which is a synthetic estrogen based fertility drug, have more possibilities of being left handed as this drug affects the developing of brain and deciding the dominance of either left or right hand.
  • There is a theory that ultrasound can have an effect on the brain of an unborn child. There is a higher rate of left handedness among children whose mothers take ultra sound treatments during pregnancy.
  • The position of the baby in the last trimester of pregnancy affects the handedness of the child. When the child is not present with its left occiput inside the womb, chances are that it is going to be born left-handed.
  • There is a rare condition which occurs in the body, causing left handedness. It is known as Situs Inversus, where the normal position of the organs is changed. For example, the heart would be on the right and the liver would be on the left. Such people are often left handed.
  • It is also believed by some researchers that handedness is determined by the environmental influence as well. The environmental components in the womb, like the exposure to hormones in the body can influence the handedness of the child which is to be born.
  • The brain has two hemispheres-the left and the right one and it is said that handedness is determined according to the hemisphere which functions on a more dominant level. In case of left handed people, the functioning of the left hemisphere is more dominated.
  • More males are left handed than females. This suggests that the male hormone testosterone affects handedness.

HWC Team

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