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The Most Common Lifestyle Diseases in India

The common lifestyle diseases in India
HWC Team
August10/ 2015

Medicine has advanced tremendously in the past few decades. But even inspite of advancements in medicine and treatments, there are many types of diseases which affect us and pose a huge risk to our health. These days  new type of diseases has emerged and is known as “lifestyle diseases” which occur in people because of their sedentary lifestyle. Some of the major reasons for these diseases are irregular and unhealthy eating habits, constant smoking, chewing of tobacco etc.  It is important for all of us to understand how to prevent these diseases.

The list of the most common diseases which fall under the category of lifestyle diseases is given below:


Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle diseases in India. Inactive lifestyle, irregular eating habits and lack of motivation to workout can increase a person’s weight. Excessive junk food also leads to weight gain in a person. India has been ranked as the second highest country to have obese citizens which is a real serious matter of concern.

Type 2 diabetes

Another common lifestyle disease in India is Type 2 Diabetes. Infact, India has the highest number of people suffering from Type-II Diabetes. This disease can also lead to several other medical conditions and it is important to control and check it.

High Blood Pressure

More than 100 million people in India suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure occurs in people who are obese, stressed or eat unhealthy food. Excessive use of salt in one’s diet also leads to high blood pressure. It is a serious matter because high blood pressure directly affects the heart and it increases the risk of developing cardiac diseases. India has been ranked as the highest country to register heart patients and is one of the lifestyle diseases to be careful of.


Irregular growth of cells in a human body is termed as cancer.  Thousands of people in India die every year because of this disease. There are various types of cancers but the common ones are lung, breast and skin cancer. Lung cancer undoubtedly occurs because of excessive smoking whereas skin cancer occurs due to overexposure to the sun. It is important for people to take care of their general health and try to change the way they live and eat.


Stroke is a result of the inefficiency of a blood vessel to carry optimum amount of blood to the brain.  It thus creates an oxygen deficiency in the brain which results in stroke. According to research it is seen that large number of people below the age of 40 suffer from stroke in India which is an alarming number.

Besides the above given there are many other diseases which can be termed as lifestyle diseases and must be taken care of.  Regular exercise, healthy food habits and change in the lifestyle are some of the ways through which various types of diseases can be prevented.

HWC Team

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