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11 Medical Myths that may Surprise you

1 Medical myths that may surprise you
HWC Team
March28/ 2016

Medicine is a domain that is constantly undergoing changes, development, researches, success stories and inventions. Thus, if you have had a belief 10 years back, that can be a myth today and the latest studies might have already found the truth behind it.

It is very important to know the reality and bust the mythical beliefs as that would only hold you back from being updated. Medical journals, online sites and similar subscriptions are best places to find the real medical truths; and here we have enlisted some for your knowledge.

Here are a few medical myths that may surprise you:

Exposure to Icy Weather makes you Sick

The cold weather allows people to stay indoors and this makes them to be in contact with germs more and make them sick.

Loss of Body Heat Happens only Through your Head

It is said that we lose heat from the uncovered parts of our body. Thus, body heat can be assumed to be lost through all the uncovered parts of your body like hands, feet and even head.

Only Aerobic Workouts Accelerate your Metabolism

Any kind of muscle strengthening workouts burn down calories. It is wrong to believe that only aerobics gear up metabolism.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables are Less Healthy than the Fresh Ones

Frozen fruits and vegetables are normally selected and frozen during its nutritional peak time. Thus, believing that frozen fruits and vegetables are less healthy than fresh ones is incorrect.

Stress cannot be Overcome

There are ways to tackle stress and handle it. You can solve the most simple and important issues in the beginning and then set to solve the complex ones. This can help you to overcome stress.

Cold Turkey Helps to Quit Tobacco

Studies prove that many factors are responsible for quitting tobacco. These include self-desire and keenness to abandon tobacco, nicotine replacement therapy and support from family, friends or health guide.

Cracking your Knuckles cause Arthritis

The fact is that cracking knuckles do not lead to arthritis. There are many causes for this disorder but definitely not this habit.

Sugar makes Children Overexcited

A lot of parents believe this notion which is completely wrong; that when their children consume sugar contained food, they become hyper and over excited. This is not true. Intake of sugar does not affect the personal behavior.

Clear your Bowels at least once a day

Many people believe that not cleansing your bowels regularly leads to constipation and uneasiness. However, you may find a fit person who does not clear his bowels regularly. Constipation is a condition that occurs if a person has not been successful to clear his bowels at least thrice in one week.

Singles have Better Sex Life than Married People

According to surveys conducted, 43 percent of married men were stated to have sex at least two to three times per week whereas only 26 percent of the single men were reported to have sex in the same period. This is because married couples tend to have more sex compared to singles that go through dry spells when they lack partners.

HWC Team

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