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Myths About Drinking Water After Sweet

Myths about drinking water after sweet
Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain
August04/ 2016

Water is referred to as a colorless liquid or a universal solvent. Drinking water has many benefits but there are many myths concerning the timing and the schedule. Water is beneficial to all creatures as it keeps you hydrated throughout. Drinking less water leads to many health problems ranging from mild health problems to chronic disorders.

Water is essential for every human being to keep them hydrated. Drinking a particular quantity of water will not be added benefit as drinking water as per the requirement is essential to keep you healthy. The next myth is most of you believed that drinking water helps you get rid of toxins.  Water is required by kidneys to play its role, but water is not the only key factor which is flushing the toxins out of your body. Kidneys are responsible to remove toxins and waste products from your body. When the amount of fluid required by kidneys is not present, they will not be able to function properly.

You might have heard that drinking water after sweet leads to digestive a problem that is again a myth. Drinking water after eating sweet has nothing to do with digestive health. Water helps in digestion process by supplying the required fluid to the kidneys. There is one more myth regarding water being beneficial after eating sweets. Most of the people believe that drinking water after sweet reduces the risk of diabetes and balance the blood sugar levels. Diabetes is caused due to the increased blood sugar level.

Diabetes can neither be controlled nor prevented by drinking water. It can be controlled by taking care of person’s lifestyle and eating habits. Most people who crave for sweet and have a sweet tooth are at high risk of diabetes. In severe cases, diabetes can be controlled by externally providing insulin to the patients as the liver is unable to produce the required amount of insulin.  Patients with type 1 diabetes are unable to produce insulin and thus they require it from an external source.

Most of you might have heard that water helps you lose weight. Losing weight does not depend upon how many liters of water you drink in a day. Water might help in the process of losing weight by replacing the carbonated drinks and other high-calorie drinks. Losing weight does not merely depend on water intake as water might increase your metabolism, but weight loss completely depends on the number of calories you intake. Calorie intake and regular exercise can help you lose weight and water can help in the process.

Water should be consumed only to keep you hydrated and for your body to function properly at a normal pace. Water might help in the different metabolic process of the body, but cannot be considered as a treatment or medication for any ailment. Water plays a key role in maintaining the overall health of the body. It is recommended to drink ample water required by your body to stay fit.

Atefa Noorain
Atefa Noorain

Atefa Noorain, (Microbiologist) former Head of the Department of Life Sciences, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Sujatha Degree College for Women. She worked as an Associate Research Analyst at Thomson Reuters and an Associate Editor of two research journals. She has presented her research work in 3 International Conferences. She has written articles for national journals and international journals. She had been felicitated as a Young Speaker in the last conference. She has worked on Nanoparticles as a part of her research project and won the Best Scientist of the Day award.

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