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Common Myths and Facts about Monthly Periods

Common myths and facts about monthly periods
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
March26/ 2016

Menstruation or monthly periods is phenomenon which is unique to the women. It is a natural occurring process. However, this topic has always been surrounded with myths everywhere in this world. It is particularly seen in our society which excludes women from many parts of the social and cultural events because of these wrongly held beliefs.

Let us discuss the common myths about periods present in our society.

Periods are Unholy 

This is a very commonly held false belief in our society. In the duration of periods, a woman cannot go to temples to pray. The periods are nothing but a natural phenomenon which has got nothing to do with being impure. The periods occur because there was no pregnancy. The inner layer of the womb gets ready for a pregnancy every month. If there is no pregnancy then this blood has to flow in order to keep the womb healthy.

The Period’s Blood is Impure and Dirty 

Menstrual blood is regular blood. There is nothing impure or dirty about it. This blood is just a result of unused endometrium (inner line of uterus) as fertilisation doesn’t occur.

Preserved Food like Pickle gets Contaminated if you Touch it in the Periods 

As there is a belief that women are unhygienic, impure and unclean during menses, the food they prepare or handle may get contaminated. It also includes a belief that these women emit some rays which spoil the preserved food. This belief is completely untrue.

A Women can use her Menstrual Blood to Control a Man 

In Asia it is a commonly held belief that a woman can use her menstrual blood as black magic to make a man do her bid. This belief is still practiced in many countries in Asia including India.

Some Food Items should be Avoided During Menstruation 

Sour items like curd, tamarind and pickles will disturb or stop the menstrual flow. This is a myth as none of the food items will cause the blood flow to stop.

Exercising may Aggravate the Pain of Cramps 

Many adolescent girls falsely believe that exercising or doing physical activity during menses will decrease the pain of cramps but in reality it actually helps in reducing symptoms of the bloating. Exercise also releases the happy hormones and elevates the depressed mood.

Washing Hair in Periods will Increase the Flow

This myth has been carried forward since generations.  Women can wash their hair in the periods. This won’t lead to increase in the flow. There is no restriction in being clean and fresh.

While having Periods Touching a Cow will Render her Infertile

This is a common belief followed in rural parts of India. There is no feasible connection between the infertility of a cow and menses of a woman. This is a false belief.

You can’t have Intercourse in the Menses

Many of the couples believe that they cannot have physical relation while on periods. This is totally untrue. If the both participating people are consenting then there is no problem in having sex in the menses.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome is all in the Mind

PMS is a real psychological condition which requires proper counselling and sometimes medications. The symptoms should not be overlooked. They can range from.

Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali

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