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Top 5 Myths and Facts about Weight Loss Supplements

top 5 myths and fact about weight loss supplements
HWC Team
February04/ 2016

Weight loss has been a reality for most individuals and majority of the individuals have suffered with weight loss issues at some point in their life. The struggle with weight is one of the most talked about aspects. Naturally there have been numerous weight loss supplements in the market.

With the rise in the number of weight loss supplements, there has also been a rise in the number of myths associated to these supplements. But these myths must be busted and the facts must be realized. To shine light on few of the most prevalent myths, here is a list of top myths and facts about weight loss supplements:

Myth Number 1

There is no need to exercise or following diet when you are regularly taking any weight loss supplement pills/ powder etc.

The Fact

No weight loss supplement can stand alone lead to weight loss. In fact, almost all available supplements guide you to adopt a healthy lifestyle with correct eating habits and exercise regimes. It is important that you eat healthy food and also exercise regularly if you want to lose weight. 

Myth Number 2

Green tea and green tea extract based supplements cause weight loss and burn fat

The Fact

Green tea and green tea extract based supplements do contribute to weight loss but not in a permanent or significant way. They consist of a small amount of caffeine which helps to make one feel more alert and active. Due to this activeness, there is increase in physical activity which may or may not lead to slight weight loss but the fact is that no ingredients in green tea themselves burn fat.

Myth Number 3

All natural supplements are 100% trouble free and will not cause any side effects.

The Fact

Firstly, there are numerous supplements in the market which claim to be 100% natural even though that may not be the case. Secondly, even the supplements which are 100% natural can cause side effects or have some ill effects. Depending upon what exact natural ingredients the supplements contain, there may be some side effects. Some ingredients may even clash with your eating habits and cause harm. Ample research must hence be done before consuming the supplements.

Myth Number 4

The African herb Hoodia effectively suppresses appetite and aids weight loss

The Fact

Many Hoodia supplements are doing the rounds in the markets. Fact is that the effects of Hoodia have not been tested on humans and hence are unknown. P57 is an active ingredient in Hoodia, which when injected in animal brains makes them eat far less than they would. But whether these effects replicate into humans is not certified. Hence Hoodia supplements are not certifiable weight loss supplements.

Myth Number 5

Just because it is on the shelf, it is safe for you.

The Fact

Many people go by the belief that whatever is on the shelf in the market is safe for them. The fact is that most products come with their own set of warnings. Consumers must hence be more cautious when picking out supplements.

HWC Team

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