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6 Things that your Nails Speaks about your Health

6 things that your nails speaks about your health
HWC Team
December18/ 2015

Did you know that the way your nails look can actually be an indication about your current state of health?  Your fingernails are a good reflection about your health and just by looking at them for a few seconds, one can identify if you have any health issues.  If your fingernails begin to look different from usual then this must be addressed as it can be an indication to changing health condition.  The following are the 6 things that your nails can say about your health.

1. Stress and Anxiety

If side to side lines begin to appear on your finger or toe nails, then this can be an indication of stress or anxiety in your life.  If you notice something like this, then you must follow ways that can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and less anxious.

2. Arthritis

If tiny cysts begin to grow near or directly on the cuticles of your nails, then this can be an indication of the problem of arthritis.  These are benign in nature and it is best that you get them addressed from a good surgeon. These cysts usually begin to grow as one develops arthritis.

3. Kidney Disease

There are a host of nail changes and variations which can indicate that you may be suffering from one or the other kind of a kidney problem or disease. The following are some nail changes to watch out for:

  • Ridged lines-this is a condition of rough nails with ridges which exist due to iron deficiency and point towards a kidney problem. This change may also be accompanied with nail shape becoming concave or spoon shaped.
  • Beau’s lines-beau lines or side by side lines can also be a sign of an acute kidney problem or disease.
  • White spots or streaks-if you observe distinct white spots or streaks on your nails, then this too could mean that you may have some kind of a kidney disease.

4. Darier Disease

This is a rare genetic disorder which usually appears during childhood. If there are white, broad and reddish strips on fingernails or toenails from the cuticle to the tip then this can point out towards this disease.  A V shaped nick near the fingertip can also point to this condition.

5. Psoriasis

If there is a yellowish red discoloration on your nails then it may indicate a skin condition called psoriasis.  This is a skin condition which is characterized by red and scaly patches.  Some other symptoms of this disease include indentations, beau’s lines, white areas, black lines and redness on nails.

6. Moles or Melanoma

If discolorations appear in lines which go from cuticles to tips then this could point out to cancerous melanomas or benign moles.  If you observe something like this then you must consult a dermatologist. Even brown lines running from cuticle to tip may be a symptom of the same problem.  These developments are more of a concern if they appear on a single nail.

HWC Team

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