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Top 5 Nutritional Myths Busted

nutritional myths
HWC Team
October02/ 2015

People out of concern for their health are in the habit of imitating certain health habits of others blindly as they come across. It is good to be concerned about your health and start imbibing certain things from others but it is always better to have a second opinion about it and know the facts. There are various myths associated with nutrition and diet and below given is a list of these myths and related facts.

Common Nutritional Myths and Facts

Myth: Omega 3 Fats can be Obtained only from Fish

Fact – Omega-3 is good for heart, cognitive development of children and for brain function in adults. It is of three types, EPA, DHA and ALA. EPA and DHA are found in fishes and other marine food, but ALA is mostly abundant in plant based Omega-3 fats. Walnuts, soya beans, flaxseed and some other omega-3 sources from plants have been found to have numerous beneficial effects. Benefits from plant based omega-3 are distinct from those obtained from fish based omega-3. ALA also reduces the risk of fatal heart diseases and works well for skin dryness and healing of wounds. Therefore for optimal supplement of Omega-3, you should include both fish and plant based Omega-3 in your diet.

Myth: Cholesterol Free Food is Healthy for Heart

Fact – If you are thinking that consuming food product which has a cholesterol free label will give you a cholesterol free healthy life then you are wrong as these foods may be full of trans fat and saturated fat, which may be more harmful. Food Authority allows a cholesterol free label on a food item, if there is less than 2mg of cholesterol and 2grams saturated fat per serving. But this does not prove that there is any limit of Trans fat in it. Thus it can be said that even if your food is cholesterol free it does not mean that it is healthy for your heart as it may contain trans fat and saturated fat.

Myth: Fad Diets Helps in Losing Weight

Fact – Fad diets are the commonest mistakes people commit when desperate to lose weight. These diets promise quick weight loss first, but as these diets are strict to follow, people leave it quickly and regain weight again. Fad diets are also not healthy as they do not provide all nutrition needed by the body and may lead to heart problems and other health issues.

Myth: Eggs Increase Cholesterol Levels

Fact – Majority of people believe that eggs increase the cholesterol level but the fact is that eggs have dietary cholesterol, which hardly increases any cholesterol amount in your body. In eggs, the fat-like molecules does not affect the cholesterol that circulates in your bloodstream. The body keeps making it own cholesterol, thus the diet you eat does not externally add on to that cholesterol. In fact egg is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals.

Myth: The only Alcohol that Improves Heart Health is Red Wine

Fact – Wine, beer, and liquors of all kind provide the same health benefits. Modern researchers say that antioxidants does not cause the benefit, instead the alcohol or ethanol if taken in moderation increases the levels of good cholesterol, protective HDL and restricts plaque buildup in the arteries thereby restricting clotting, which actually leads to heart attack and stroke.

HWC Team

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