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Common Organ Donation and Transplantation Myths Debunked

common organ donation and transplantation myths debunked
HWC Team
November12/ 2015

There are millions of people in this world who are waiting for organ donation so that they can lead a normal and healthy life. However, unfortunately organ donation is still enveloped with countless myths and many people actually fear the basic concept.

Being an organ donor is a worthwhile and generous decision to take as you can be a lifesaver. If you are planning to donate your organs after death but still unsure of whether to go about it due to what you generally hear about organ donation and transplantation, then here we offer you some answers to common myths related to organ donation and transplantation.

Myth 1

Rich and influential people top the waiting list while regular people have to wait longer when it comes to organ transplant.

Fact: The organ allocation system is blind to name, status and wealth. When someone is in the organ transplant list, what matters is the severity of illness, blood types and other essential medical information.

Myth 2

Once the hospital comes to know that the patient is an organ donor, they would not take enough measures to save the patient’s life.

Fact: This is a common notion that many people have and they think that the hospital staff would not work as hard to save the lives of registered donors as with their death, the organ donors association would be providing commission to the hospital. However, this is completely untrue as when you are admitted in a hospital doctors try to save your life no matter what and disclosing the fact that you are an organ donor is completely in your and your family member’s hands.

Myth 3

The donor will be declared dead even when I am not actually dead if I agree to donate my organs

Fact: This is again nothing but a myth. The truth is that people who have agreed to donate organs are given more tests to ensure that they are truly dead as compared to people who have not registered to become donors.

Myth 4

Organ donation is against my religion

Fact: No religion is against organ donation as no God would stop you from saving someone’s life.

Myth 5

Too young and too old people cannot register for organ donation

Fact: In order to register as an organ donor, you need to be 18 years and above. However, if you are not 18, your parents can give their consent unless you are old enough to register. Also, you can donate no matter how old you are as your organs would be evaluated for determining the suitability for donation at the time of your death.

Myth 6

I am not very healthy or have a history of medical illness and so I cannot donate organs

Fact: There are only very few medical conditions that disqualifies the donor from donating organs. Organ transplantation is based completely on medical criteria. Medical practitioners can only say whether your organs are suitable for transplantation or not.

There are many such myths related to organ donation and transplantation but the fact remains that you can make a big difference being an organ donor.

HWC Team

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