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5 Reasons Why you Should Take an Afternoon Nap Everyday

reasons why you should take an afternoon nap everyday
HWC Team
April15/ 2015

If you are someone who has been feeling overworked and out of sleep off late then there is one solution for you-take an afternoon nap regularly. An afternoon nap is considered as a luxury by most since no one really has the time for it. But once you try it, you will realize that it is a holiday in itself and is something which everyone deserves.

Sleep in general has a wide range of health benefits and also provides protection against obesity, heart diseases and improves memory as well. But getting sleep in the nighttime isn’t enough. The following are the 5 main reasons why you should take an afternoon nap everyday.

1. Afternoon Naps Improve Alertness

One of the main and most important benefits of taking an afternoon nap everyday is that it can boost your levels of alertness. Once you get to sleep even for 30 minutes during the day, you will wake up feeling a lot more focused and alert.  According to certain studies and research conducted on some people, it has been proved that even a 10 minute power nap can improve levels of alertness.

2. Napping Creates Creativity

Another superb benefit of an afternoon nap is that it boosts and creates creativity. Once you get that afternoon nap, even for a smile time, you will notice a certain level of creative thinking when you wake up and continue with the rest of the day.  Scientifically, there is a burst of activity in the right hemisphere of the brain and this hemisphere is strongly linked to creativity.

3. Afternoon Nap Boosts Productivity

Many experts agree and believe that napping in the day time can improve productivity at work and at studies. A short power nap can be the right trick for worn out employees, sleep deprived people and others. Many offices around the world, for example Google has spaces reserved for employees to take short naps so that they can perform better at work afterwards.

4. Afternoon Naps can Lift Spirits

Imagine a toddler who hasn’t slept for quite some time. Well, the only picture that comes to mind is of an irritated, cranky and crying baby.  Just like the baby, we too need our share of rest and relaxation in the day and the best way to achieve it is through an afternoon nap.

By getting this much needed rest, not just our bodies but also our spirits are lifted and we tend to feel better and more charged to achieve our goals. They say ‘sleep over it’ and this statement is true for an afternoon nap as well.

5. Napping Reduces Stress and Tension

The sheer luxury of taking a nap during the day time can be a superb stress reliever. Even if you don’t sleep for a long time, you tend to feel much more relieved and relaxed when you wake up. Napping reduces tensions, anxieties and may also alleviate depression. It is like going on a mini vacation which leaves one charged and happier.

HWC Team

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