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Unknown Facts about Tea you Should Know

Unknown Facts about Tea You Should Know
HWC Team
August28/ 2015

Indians can be symbolically associated with tea – some even drink tea innumerable times a day! Different communities prefer this beverage in different styles according to their taste and preferences – health conscious people prefer green tea, while the tea connoisseurs often pick best quality Darjeeling tea, some might prefer lemon tea, so on and so forth. But the drink that we so often consume has some really lesser known facts about it. Let us talk about some facts about tea that most of us are not aware of.

Unknown Facts about Tea

Drinking tea is such a normal thing to us that most of us do not even give the drink too much of a thought. As a result certain things remain unknown to us. Let us check out a few of those facts

Oldest Beverage in the World

The tea as a beverage is one of the oldest in the world. The tea plant named Camellia Sinensis was first discovered by none other than the Chinese, and a lot of hard work on its preparation has gone into making this modern beverage. The Chinese were followed by the Japanese, who later adopted the idea of drinking tea. From Japan, the Europeans extended the tradition in other parts of the world and developed tea as a cash crop.

Varieties can Differ, not Origin

At present we have different varieties of tea that we drink, like green tea, black tea, etc. However, they are derived from the same plant, Camilla Silensis, and it is the treatment of the tea leaves that results into varieties of teas as mentioned above.

Preparation Varies with Communities

People from various nationalities drink tea in different ways. Chinese and Japanese people prefer to consume tea without adding milk in it, while in Europe, milk is generally mixed in tea. The Tibetans on the other hand prefer putting butter made of Yak milk to their tea. The Russians are known to have jams in their tea, while in Morocco, people add herbs like basil, sage or mint in their tea.

Kashmir Special Mix

If you are looking for an exotic tea then you should be able to find it in Kashmir. Here, a tea is prepared by mixing green tea with Darjeeling tea. Than it is brewed with crushed green cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon, pine nuts and pieces of chopped almond nuts.

Quality of Water Matters

Did you know that you need to use the best quality water for making a good flavored tea? Ancient Chinese, who were the first to document the process of making tea have insisted upon the use of best quality water. According to them, this water should be taken out from lakes or rivers.

Amazing Health Benefits

Ancient Chinese people also believed that tea is actually something like ambrosia that will ensure immortality. Though this is not true, but one cannot deny the fact that tea contains various types of antioxidants and vitamins which is beneficial for your health. Tea is known to have powers to boost your memory and improve your digestion among other things.

Besides the above given there are many other interesting facts related to tea.

HWC Team

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