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Weird Addictions that would Surely Raise your Eyebrows

wierd addiction
HWC Team
September12/ 2015

Addiction in general terms is known to be a condition when a person starts taking a substance like alcohol, nicotine or cocaine. However an addiction can also be related to activities like sex, shopping, gambling etc. An addicted person does this to gain pleasure initially but in continuity, it becomes a compulsive act interfering with daily life routine and it can hamper health, work and relationships.

The term ‘addiction’ is usually known to have a negative connotation. However, not all activities which become a habit essentially have negative effects. You would be surprised to know about some weird and strange addictions that exist, below given is a list of the same:

Addictions off the Beaten Track

Snort Baby Powder

People have weird kinds of obsessions. For instance there are people who are in the habit of inhaling baby powder. The harmful effects of inhaling baby powder addictively include inviting possibilities of ovarian cancer, chronic lung problems, drowsiness, twitching of muscles and even many skin disorders like blisters and blue skin.

Eating Hair Follicles

There are some who have admitted to eating their hair follicles. The negative effects on the body are difficult to comprehend for even medical experts but this is definitely unhealthy.

Using Fairness Creams

People all across the globe wish to look good but in India especially, people have an addiction to look fair and are almost addicted to trying out the next product which claims to make them fair. This actually affects your skin in a number of ways; if you are not very sure about the cream composition and authenticity you might end up bleaching your skin regularly that makes it look dull in long run, wrinkles, excessive dryness, sometimes blisters, acne and pimples are also reported. In turn, you are actually damaging your skin and not getting fair anyhow!

Tapping on Mobile

There is another addiction which is quite common yet weird. People today constantly keep checking their mobiles. Sometimes they hear a ring or message tone when there is none – it’s just an audio illusion. The constant need to be in touch to the virtual social world is taking a toll no matter how much you may deny. This leads to inattentiveness, lethargy, lack of social life, and physical movement. Constant eyeing the mobile screen also bring visionary troubles.

Chewing Ice

Another strange addiction is ice addiction where people have the constant need to chew on ice. Scientifically called Pagophagia it is a sign of count of iron being low in blood. You can have some B and C vitamin tablets for a month to get rid of this habit.

Some other odd addictions include collecting toilet papers in vanity bag or even piercing pimples. Some people like smelling petrol, new shoes and leather, while some like to drink nail polish diluting in water. Though there are some addictions that may not be that harmful but as the old adage goes – too much is never good.

HWC Team

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