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Why Are People Obese? Facts, Reasons, and Preventive Measures

why are people obese- facts, reasons, and preventive measures
HWC Team
March03/ 2016

Obesity is a reality which has been at the centre of many discussions and has been termed as one of the most troublesome conditions dawning over the population all around the globe. But what really is “obesity”? People talk a lot about how it is bad for people to be obese and also that how important it is for one to get rid of all the obese weight.

But the trouble is that not many people really focus on the whole story behind it. The right question to be asked are- why are people obese? The facts, reasons and preventive measure which make the whole story

The points below shed light on some these crucial aspects of obesity and the preventive measures.

Obesity Facts

Some common facts about the condition of obesity are-

  • People confuse “obesity” with “overweight”, but they are two different conditions with being overweight implying pre-obesity.
  • More than 1.4billion of the world’s adult population was overweight as per studies in 2008. Also more than half billion people were recorded obese in the same study.
  • As per similar studies about 2.8 million people die each year due to obesity or overweight.
  • On 21st century child obesity will prevail as one of the most serious public health issue.
  • The environment and the society we live in plays a very crucial role in determining the eating as well as physical habits; thus also influencing obesity and overweight. 

Reasons: Why People Become Obese

According to experts, the most critical cause of obesity and overweight is a mismatch between the amount of calories and individual consumes and the amount of calories he/she expends. Effectively then, the cause is the imbalance in the energy (consumes and expended) in the body. Excessive energy/ calories get concentrated in form of unhealthy fat.

Some most common stated causes of overweight and obesity are:

  • Experts state that in many instances the environment and social conditions in which people live do not promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits. This is a rising cause of overweight and obesity.
  • Increase in the intake of foods that are energy-dense and high in fat content.
  • Decrease in physical activity due to a highly sedentary lifestyle.

Preventive Measures against Obesity and Overweight

Both these conditions are stated to be preventable and most of the prevention regimes against both centers around making healthy eating and lifestyles decisions. Some common preventive measures to be takes are:

  • Eat as much healthy food as you can and reduce your energy consumption from foods that are high in fat content and/ or are made of simple sugars/ carbs.
  • Another essential lifestyle change for preventing obesity and overweight is including regular physical activity in your daily routine. As per experts, it is advised for children to work about 60 minutes a day and for adults to exercise about 150 minutes a week.
  • Another recommendation as a way to prevent the conditions is to get rid of processed foods and foods that are high in preservatives.

HWC Team

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