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Top Most Common Wrinkle Myths Debunked

top most common wrinkle myths debunked
HWC Team
May14/ 2015

Most of the people are very eager to find out ways to prevent and cure wrinkles. No one likes the appearance of wrinkles on their face and this is one of the most undesired skin conditions for most people.  Ofcourse, there are plenty of ways to prevent wrinkles, some work more than the others.

It is important not to waste money on techniques which are of no use.  But most people have so many misconceptions about wrinkles that they don’t realize which products are good and which are not. The following are the top most common wrinkle related myths debunked.

Only Expensive Wrinkle Creams Work Effectively

This is one of the most common myths which are related to wrinkles. People think that buying expensive wrinkle creams only will help them get rid of wrinkles or prevent their appearance. But in reality, what really matters is the formula or ingredients used in the cream and not its rate.  Thus it is important to look at the formula and not the price tag of the wrinkle creams.

Pulling on the Skin can Cause Wrinkles

Another myth which is associated with wrinkles is that pulling the skin or stretching of it can cause wrinkles.  But one must know that this is not the cause of wrinkles and stretching skin in any way, either during make up or otherwise will not increase the chances of developing wrinkles.

Guzzling of Water Helps to Prevent the Wrinkles

Ofcourse, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink water several times a day. But it is just a myth that guzzling water can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.  When it comes to cellular level, the right amount of hydration helps to have healthy glow and can help to maintain its elasticity.  But it is not a guarantee that even drinking enough water will prevent wrinkles in any way.

Avoiding Sun can Prevent Wrinkles

It is true that avoiding sun or direct exposure can help to prevent the development of the wrinkles. Also, this can also help prevent something as serious as skin cancer but there is no proof of the fact that avoiding sun can totally prevent appearance of wrinkles.  This is because it is not only sun exposure that causes wrinkles.  Shielding yourself from the sun is right but don’t expect this to prevent wrinkles.

Doing Facial Exercises can Prevent Wrinkles

Many people perform facial exercises in pursuit to avoid developing wrinkles on their skin. But this is just a myth. On the other hand facial exercises may only increase the chances of developing wrinkles.  What happens is that as the muscles underneath the skin becomes toned and they tend to be more prominent.

Dry Skin may Develop Wrinkles more Easily

Another common wrinkle related myth is that wrinkles may develop more easily on dry skin.  Yes, wrinkles may look more prominent on dry skin but having this skin condition doesn’t increase the odds of developing wrinkles or signs of aging.

HWC Team

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