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Clear all your Doubts about Thyroid!

clear all your doubts about thyroid!
HWC Team
April20/ 2016

Thyroid is a very common problem in our country and even if people are getting it treated from a doctor, they do not get a lot of questions answered by the doctor. There is always some doubt going around in the minds of thyroid patients. Even if the doctor does not answer all your questions, it is necessary to be an advocate for your own health. Hence, look at the most commonly asked questions about thyroid and read the answers to them too!

How to Determine the Proper Functioning of Thyroids?

TSH is the most common and most reliable lab test for thyroid testing. Your doctor would not recommend many other tests for this testing but you should take the free T4 levels, free T3 levels and anti-thyroid antibodies tests.

Will the Doctor Consider the Presence or Absence of Particular Symptoms when it Comes to Dosing?

Yes of course! The doctor will indeed take into consideration your symptoms before giving you medications because there is a different dosing according to what symptoms you show. After this, the doctor will check your body’s reaction after a particular course of time when you start the medicines so that the difference in your thyroid levels can be measured.

What are the Chances of Weight Gain when Thyroid Level Fluctuates?

It depends of the Thyroid production in your body. It is not always necessary that your weight would increase after suffering from thyroids. It is just that the chances are high. The good news is that you can easily control the thyroid levels and weight gain by regularly taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor.

What Thyroid Replacement Drug would be Prescribed for you?

The development of thyroids in your body decides what drugs you are going to be prescribed with. If you are prescribed with Levothyroxine, check which types are you prescribed with-Nature Thyroid or Armour Thyroid. If your doctor is going to prescribe you with natural desiccated thyroid then you should consider that you are doing pretty well and your health is improving.

How Often would the Thyroid Tests be Conducted?

Your thyroid tests should ideally be done every 6 to 8 weeks by your doctor unless the levels come in an optimal range and you start feeling well. After they are under control, you can check your thyroid levels once a year or whenever you feel that the symptoms are coming back and you are feeling them again.

What is the Normal Lab Range for Thyroid Tests and which one would be the Best?

Usually, people feel the most normal when their Free T3 levels are on the top and Free T4 levels are in the middle range. Hence, if your reports match this, you are on the good side. In addition to this, your Vitamin D levels should also be on the upper side as it is also a sign of development in the medical condition. Make sure to visit your doctor regularly so that he  prescribes drugs according to your latest test reports.

HWC Team

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