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Diabetes : Top Questions Answered

diabetes top questions answered
HWC Team
April19/ 2016

Diabetes means a high amount of sugar (Glucose) level in your blood or as the WHO (World Health Organisation) defines, “diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces”.

It is a very common disease nowadays and about 62 million people in India are diabetic. There have been many myths regarding this disease and many questions unanswered. Any disease can be dangerous if precautions and good treatment is not done in time. Same is the case with diabetes. Here are the top questions related to diabetes answered to help you control and manage your diabetes:

1. What should be my Blood Sugar Levels when I wake up (Fasting) and before or after Meals?

The blood sugar levels of a person when he is either normal, pre-diabetic or has established diabetes state during fasting and postprandial (after two hours of a meal) are mentioned below:

Category Fasting levels
Normal 70 – 100 Less than 140
Pre-Diabetes 101 – 126 140 – 200
More than 126 More than 200

2. What is Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes?

Ans. Diabetes is of two types:

Type-1 Diabetes: It was previously called juvenile diabetes and this happens mainly in children, teenagers and young adults. People suffering from type-1 diabetes make no insulin and must take insulin daily.

Type-2 Diabetes: It was previously known as adult-onset diabetes and is the most common type of diabetes. In this, the body doesn’t make or use insulin properly. The people with type-2 diabetes need to take pills or insulin. It is the most common diabetes type and people with living a sedentary lifestyle and who are overweight, have more chances of suffering from it.

3. Can I get Rid of Type-2 Diabetes by not including Carbs in my Diet?

Ans. No, you can’t get rid of it and it only can be controlled. If you are in a pre-diabetic state, it can be controlled by losing weight. Not eating proper carbohydrates is not healthy for your body, because you won’t get essential nutrients then.

4. My Mother has Diabetes. Does that mean I’ll also have Diabetes in Future?

Ans. No, diabetes is a hereditary disease, but only partially hereditary. Having a family member with diabetes increases the risk of you having diabetes. It increases the risk of type-1 diabetes by 5 percent and type-2 diabetes by more than 30 percent. It doesn’t mean you’ll definitely have diabetes, there’s just increased risk of you suffering from it.

5. How can I Prevent Complications?

Ans. Yes, the earlier your diabetes is diagnosed and the sooner your body starts to get your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level under control, the healthier you will be over the years. To detect complications early and to stay healthy, you have some regular tests and checks needed. Be in a regular touch of your health care provider, and let him know if you have any signs or symptoms of any complication.

HWC Team

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