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Medical Information on Click of a Key- Know The Pros and Cons of Online Medical Information

HWC Team
March24/ 2015

In today’s internet dominated world, all the needed information is on our finger tips and medical information is no exception. As per surveys and studies more than fifty percent of people who use internet are using it for health and medical information.

While most of it may be good, there is no authorisation or guarantee for the information provided in the websites. Government websites will be authoritative and helpful resources, although there are numerous other sites which are solely intended to sell their products.

As every coin has a flip side so does the online medical information as it has its share of benefits as well as disadvantages. Read below to know more.

Pros of Online Medical Information

Gain Information from Anywhere

While you have to be careful about choosing the website in order to search for your required medical information, there are some clear advantages for this type of online medical information. You can get medical advice from wherever you are located as World Wide Web is hardly restricted to any land in the present scenario.

24 Hour Access to the Health Websites

Timeframe is not a constraint while you are seeking online medical information. You can seek information 24/7 online at the comfort of your home for your health issues.

Cost Effective

This is probably the most significant advantage of searching medical advice online, as healthcare is one of the costliest services today.

Get Advice from Many Medical Experts

There are numerous medical websites who have their own medical experts and advisors; often you find the online chat option with the medical experts or you can also drop your query at the website and you would get a reply soon. Generally these services are free but some websites may charge a fee for the same.

Secures Privacy

If for any reason, you want to protect your privacy about a medical condition, the online medical services do exactly that. Some people tend to be highly sensitive about their privacy related to certain medical conditions.

Given Below are Some Cons of Online Medical Information:

Lack of Quality Evaluation

Despite the various advantages of online medical information, it has many cons due to the widespread scammers in the net space and potential risks associated to it. There are very few options to evaluate the quality of the kind of medical advice you are getting online.

Risk of Leaked Confidentiality

Although many patients fiercely want to protect their privacy regarding certain medical conditions, cyber space is very vulnerable to privacy violation and leakage of private information.

Chances of Con Websites

It is advisable to be careful about con websites who are trying to unethically sell illegal drugs in the name of cheap prescription medications.

No Scope of Physical Assessment of the Patient

The physical examination of a patient is significant in assessing the patient’s situation under any medical ailment. This is absent while you are seeking medical advice online and the professional can only provide you a general advice based on your documented health condition. You cannot clear all your doubts or get clarifications for all your worries via online.

HWC Team

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