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Multivitamins: Should you Take One?

multivitamin should you take one
HWC Team
April08/ 2016

A healthy diet is the key to absorb the correct amount of nutrients needed for your body. The best source of achieving micronutrients is through whole foods. However, a lot of people undergo circumstances where they are unable to take a healthy diet on daily basis.

In the current day scenario, most of the people pay more attention to their work sector and maintaining a good diet becomes near to impossible for them. In such a situation, they start depending on multivitamins and these are considered to be supplements of nutrition and provide different types of nutrients and minerals required by the body.

Intakes of multivitamins and mineral supplements on daily basis enhance your health and protect you from heart diseases and other infections. Taking multivitamins is necessary for the following reasons:

Protects Healthy Aging

As you become aged, your nutritional needs shoot up while the capacity of absorbing nutrients from food becomes difficult. Taking multivitamins helps you to an extent in such cases.

Rectifies the Nutritional Deficiencies Caused by Drugs and Surgeries

Most of the aging people take various drugs and undergo surgeries for various medical conditions they fall victim to. Such surgeries and drugs can make your body deficient of nutrients and in such conditions, multivitamins act as the best alternatives.

Mends Short Term Memory

Researches prove that short term memory is improved by the intake of multivitamins.

Increases Energy Levels

Your energy level is boosted if multivitamins are taken regularly.

Cleanses the System of your Body

The multivitamins constitute high minerals, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins. These help to clear toxins from the body and activate enzymatic reactions needed for detoxification. The organs like liver are kept in proper health by the use of multivitamins.

Improves Muscle Strength

A multivitamin rich in antioxidants helps to free radicals in your body system. The net result is that your muscles are prevented from aging.

Inhibits Falls

You can improve your body balance by taking multivitamins and mineral supplements on daily basis, thereby lessening the risk of falling. Vitamin D with therapeutic measures (about 1000 IU) and calcium (about 1000 mg) are the appropriate daily requirements for this purpose.

Reinstates Sense of Smell

Changes in smell and taste is experienced due to the deficiency of vitamins. Lack of zinc causes anosmia (inability to smell). Deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin A also cause lack of smell. Consumption of multivitamins helps to restores your sense of smell.

Maintains Skin Quality

Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene are meant good to maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

Shields Loss of Hearing

The deficit of B-complex vitamins is responsible for hearing loss. Studies conducted have come to conclusions that 64% of hearing loss occurs due to lower levels of homocysteine.

Develops Weight Loss

Intake of multivitamins and mineral supplements help to drop weight. Multivitamins are the best source for reducing weight.

Prevents Dry eyes

Your vision is supported by the percentage of vitamins you take on daily basis. When you reach an age of 65, your eyes lubricate less. Therefore, you should take care to consume the right amount of vitamins required to prevent dry eyes.

Thus, multivitamins are essential if your meals are unbalanced. It is also needed more by those who experience stress, depression and lack of sleep.

HWC Team

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