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Zika Virus FAQs: Top Questions Answered

zika virus FAQs top questions answered
HWC Team
April18/ 2016

Zika virus has now become famous globally. Everyday updated news is being published about this deadly virus, and new threats are surfacing. In order to deal with these threats here are certain answers to your queries about the virus. The virus belongs to the family of Flaviviridae virus, and is transmitted to people through the Aedes mosquitoes which are active during the day. The virus can cause diseases such as dengue, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, etc. 

Top Questions about Zika Virus and their Answers

How does the Zika Virus get Transmitted? 

The main way through which the Zika virus gets transmitted is through mosquito bites. Various types of Aedes mosquitoes carry this virus. These mosquitoes generally operate during the day. Other than this, there are a few cases where the virus got transmitted by sexual relation. Sometimes, it can also spread through blood transfusion, though there are no such findings which can link the spread of Zika, with breastfeeding, as of now.

What are the Symptoms of Zika Fever? 

The Zika fever has common symptoms such as fever, mild headache, maculopapular rash, conjunctivitis, joint pain etc. However, what makes detection of Zika difficult is that only one in every 5 affected people shows these symptoms.

Does Zika Virus Affect the Fetus of a Pregnant Woman? 

It has been found that Zika virus does affect the fetus of a pregnant woman. If a mother is infected with Zika virus, her child can be born with defects in the brain known as microcephaly, which means less than normal development of brain of the fetus. It is thus prudent for women in their early pregnancy to avoid travelling to the area affected by Zika virus. 

What should Pregnant Women who have Recently Travelled to Areas under Zika Outbreak, do? 

It is important for pregnant women who have recently travelled to areas under Zika outbreak to consult their doctors, even if they show no signs of illness. And if a pregnant woman who has recently returned from an area of Zika outbreak experience fever, and have joint pains or rashes, it is absolutely necessary for them to immediately consult a doctor.

Is there a Vaccine or Preventive Medicine for Zika Virus?

As of now, there is no vaccine developed which could prevent the Zika virus. 

What are the Precautions that One should take in Order to Protect Themselves Against it?

 Here are some precautions that you might take.

  • Wear covered dresses, like full sleeve shirts and full pants.
  • Use EPA registered insect repellants.
  • Stay in air conditioned areas or use mosquito nets on windows.
  • Do not keep standing water nearby in an open container, where the mosquitoes can breed.

These are some of the most asked questions and their answers about the deadly Zika virus that is currently causing mayhem in some parts of the world.

HWC Team

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