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Feeling Shy To See Doctor For Fertility Issues – Try These 7 most Effective Natural Remedies

HWC Team
March31/ 2015

Fertility is an aspect of our health which most of us often take for granted.  In reality, minor stressors can completely throw the body out of its healthy form and this may also affect the fertility majorly. If you are trying to conceive and are unable to do so then there are several ways which can help you boost your fertility.

While some of these methods involve over the counter cures, others might only require you to follow simple and natural tips. The following are the 7 ways to boost your fertility naturally:

1. Eat Well

Eating well is one of the simplest ways to boost your fertility and maintain it.  One must include a lot of iron, protein, zinc, Vitamin C and other important nutrients in their diet on a regular basis.  The deficiency of these nutrients has been linked to problems with menstrual cycles and thus may also affect the fertility.  You must include protein rich foods like eggs, beans, fish, meat and low fat dairy products in your diet.

2. Kick the Butt

For both men and women, kicking the butt or giving up on cigarette smoking can be a great way to boost fertility. Cigarette contains a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals which can interfere with the fertilization process among females and are also harmful for male sexual organs as well.

3. Weight Control

Being overweight or underweight can also delay the time it takes for a woman to conceive and hence you must watch your weight in order to improve the overall fertility.  Keeping a healthy weight can help with conception.

4. Protect the Sperm

Changing to boxers from briefs will help boost the fertility in men as this keeps the genital temperature down and thus protects the sperms.  Infact, men must avoid exposure to any other sources of heat such as sitting in a hot tub for too long or taking very hot baths as well.  Some studies have also found out that exposure to radiation from cell phones can adversely affect the sperm as well.

5. Watch the Beverages

Excessive alcohol intake or coffee intake too has been related to fertility or reproductivity problems.  Having more than 5 cups of coffee a day is associated with lower fertility and hence a natural way to avoid this is to lower down the caffeine as well as alcohol intake. Moderation is the key in both cases.

6. Have Frequent Sex

Delaying lovemaking is a concept which can lower the chances of conceiving as there is nothing like the concept of ‘saving up’. Not having sex for more than 5-6 days may affect the sperm count and hence a couple must engage in frequent sexual intercourse to raise the chances of conceiving.

7. Choosing the Right Lubricants

Using lubricants is okay but only if the choice is made correctly. There are some lubricants which can decrease fertility and products which have spermicidal agents must be avoided. One must avoid using commercially available water based lubricants.

HWC Team

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